Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
Gladstone Keep where you're imprisoned (intro animation)
At the beginning you'll get all the help you'll need.
Inventory can have up to 9 pieces of each content.
Riding a dragon is truly a magnificent scene.
Trying sparking effects in the Huline jungle.
Area map (can be zoomed in/out, checked for up/down levels, mark some spot...)
Monastery main hall
Mistress Dawn is in the library, but seems there are no book that could help you lift the curse.
Shooting arrows toward Ruloi Temple, a pretty dangerous place.
If you think this is for intimidation, you're absolutely right, as Ruloi Temple is a harsh place to survive.
The inner circle of the City of the Ancients where another unfinished replica of Belial awaits you.
This scene you'll only see if you twist your destiny and become evil. Dawn will try to seduce you and kill you... of course, she won't make it alive.
Belial (on the left) and Draracle (on the right).
(with 3d acc.) Gladstone guards are searching Draracle's caves since you escaped the dungeon.
(with 3d acc.) As a lizzard, your magic ability is way increased.
(with 3d acc.) Most creatures aren't fighting ones, for example, this mindless zombie won't attack you first.
(with 3d acc.) Beside better look, 3d acc. darkens picture quite a bit, but guess that's for shadowing system, huh?
(with 3d acc.) Beast form is the slowest one, and alter in the game, not even that strong comparing to some weapons.
(with 3d acc.) City of the Ancient was beneath the ocean before you raised it above water level.
(with 3d acc.) The statue of Belial could mean that you're close to another Belial replica.
(with 3d acc.) Summoning the demon.
(with 3d acc.) Belial creates an image of your mother, Scotia, to keep you ocupied while he gets dressed.
(with 3d acc.) Dawn awaits you at the cave's entrance for some news of missing huline girl.