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Windows version

Main Title (from the endgame, though)
Main Menu
During the installation, you'll get a complete background story that will introduce you to your current role and help you figure the Lands better.
(Intro scene) Draracle, known form two of the prequels, decides to leave this mortal plane.
After a brutal attack by those rift hounds, you seem to be the sole survivor... and by that fact, the only heir to the throne.
(w/o 3d acc) You can reduce your playing window size if you want to keep an eye on your inventory.
In case you ever get lost, you can always check your current location on AutoMap feature.
With each new acquaintance, you'll get an info for the certain beast or creature, from where you can find out their weak points.
(w/o 3d acc) Once you join a guild, you'll get a companion to aid you on your quest.
(Shot 1 out of 2) This clearly illustrates how the game will look for those who ain't owners of 3D accelerator graphic cards. It will always be bright so you won't have to worry about dark places ;))
(Shot 2 out of 2) The same shot as previous one, only this one is with 3D acc. card. Now you get to see the clear skies and all the shadows around :))
Using magic sparks on stone statues near the church.
Beware of these portals, each will bring you to a completely new world... yet familiar if you played Guardians.
Volcanic caves are pretty much filled with creatures that can shoot from a distance, and might be resistant to fireballs.
Ruloi home planet is even more dangerous then that citadel from the prequel.
You would be amazed how little sparkling magic can incinerate a bunch of crazed skeletons.
Entrance to the Draracle caves. The infamous place where Gladstone guards hunted Luther in the past.
Animations and metamorphoses in this game are really worthy the price of admission.
When you get a shotgun from the desert from the Temple of NOD (yeah, you heard me correctly), BANGing enemies will be rather easy, though you'll feel a bit of recoil each time you pull that trigger.