Las Vegas Tycoon Credits (Windows)

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Las Vegas Tycoon Credits

Deep Red

ProducerPaul Howarth
DesignJon Law, Dan McDaid
Lead ProgrammerSimon Roper
ProgrammingPhilip Bak, Keith Taylor
Engine ProgrammingJohn White, Brad Cooper
Additional ProgrammingLee Hickey, Jan Richardson
Lead ArtistJonathan Darke
ArtYi-mei Lin, Richard Spence, Jason Pickthall
Additional ArtSteve Abrahart, Dan McDaid, Marcel Simons, Malcolm Reed
Concept ArtSarah How
SoundPhilip Bak
Admin & SupportJan Ancsell
Special Thanks ToClive Robert, Steve Beverley, Paul Rewrie, Mark Gipson, Karen Pinchin
MusicMedia Types Music Productions, Mark Twine, Tobie Rudd

Empire Interactive

Executive ProducersStéphane Bonazza, Roger Cheung
ProducerBenedict Wilkins
ManualKevin Buckner (Design Games Ltd.)
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
Assistant QA ManagerSteven Frazer
Lead TesterRyan Kalis
Assistant Lead TesterChris Matlub
QAClifford Ramsey, Darren T. Bennett, Vernon Richards, Mark Jones, Olivier Banal, Malcolm Lamont, Phillip Octave
Jolly Useful SupportChristopher Giggins
Design StudioAnthony J. Bond Jr.
ProductionPhilip Goldfinch, Jayshree Mistry, Thomas Hodge, Paul King
MarketingChris East, Adrian Arnese, Paul Benjamin, Nina Jenkins
PR1‑Up Media
WebsiteErin Newell
Empire EuropeSevgi Kirik, Michael Kränzle, Philippe Dao (France), Laura Maestri (Italy), Alison Ryan (Spain)
Empire USAJames Lamorticelli, Tricia Gray, Slade Anderson, Sutton Trout, Stephen Wickes
With Special Thanks ToAdam Jenns, and the lads at Mainframe, Frank Parker, and the team at A Creative Experience LTD.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202548)