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Last Call! (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Advertising Blurbs

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    The Time: 2:00 am The Place: Downtown at the LAST CALL! Lounge

    You've slammed em' Down... Now Serve em' up!

    Sure we know. You think you're a real master of mixology- Kahuna of Cocktails, the Baron of Blotto, The Sultan of Swill. But just because you've prayed to the porcelain god doesn't mean you have what it takes to serve it's legion of disciples. For a challenge that's straight up and over the top, slip behind the bar at the LAST CALL Lounge-the one place where everyone can't get enough of what you've got. And since liquor is quicker you'll feel the need for speed, because the more accurately you pour, the higher your customers-and your tips-become. If you earn enough tips, you'll make it to the last call and ride the stale ether of your liquor soaked lounge all the way to bartender's heaven.

    Contributed by ROFLBLAH (352) on Jun 22, 2000.