The Last Express Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu. Check your progress and rewind the game time.
The protagonist: Robert Cath, American, doctor.
Someone's late for the train... Cath's adventure begins.
Cath's friend Tyler is dead! To avoid pesky questions, Cath takes on Tylers identity.
Exploring the Orient Express. The sleeping-cars...
..the smoking car...
...the dining car.
The train is filled with 24 interesting persons. Rebecca and Sophie are more than just "friends"...
Your most important tasks: eavesdropping on conversations...
...and chatting yourself.
The sweet russian lady Tatiana helps you in translating a document.
Austrian violonist Anna is a little bit suspicious. She has all reason to be.
Trouble is at hand. Tatianas uncle suffers from a paranoid breakdown.
Robert's "borrowed" the passenger list.
Rich, drunk and having a good time: the smooth German trader August Smith enjoys life.
Anna and the sinister Chronos give a concert for the passengers... the ideal occasion to search some rooms.
Remembering the essence of any train story, Robert climbs on top of the cars.
Things are getting tough. In this action scene, you've got to avoid the slashes. Timing is crucial.
Another fight scene.
The train is approaching his final destination...
...but by now, the journey is far from pleasant.
Especially for Robert
Oh yeah! You know you want it.
Without subtitles even the main cast has trouble understanding what the other characters say.
The Firebird, an integral part of the game's plot.
Disarming a bomb...
Tatiana's optimism takes a nosedive in the final parts of the game.
Here comes the revolution! WHACK!
Catching Anna in a rare moment of emotion.
"Isn't she enchanting?"
"Yes, Monsieur, as you wish, Monsieur..."
"Isn't that your monogram?"
Loading screen
Reading a letter
Paris, July 24, 1914
Opening the suitcase
Mysterious scroll
Leaving the station
Train restaurant doors
Best hiding place when police is searching the train
Bad dream, something in my mouth
Very annoying passenger
Firebird golden egg
Snooping of train drivers
One of many bad endings - weapon left the train, the knife will take revenge
Breaking into Chronos room
Reading the documents
Chest full of weapons
August Smith is leaving the train with all the weapons
Releasing the dog out of the cage