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Press Release (15 March 2006):


    15th March 2006

    Mindscape today declared a revealing statement of intent by announcing Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the latest in the long running and celebrated series for PC on 24th March.

    Based on the critically acclaimed television series of the same name, the latest addition to the franchise faithfully recreates the intrigue of the show by giving players the chance to assume the role of Detective Robert Goren. Criminal Intent features four unique homicide investigation stories, penned by the Law & Order writers with actors Vincent D’Onofrio and Jamey Sheridan, who both lend their voices to their respective in-game characters.

    As Goren, players will have to mix traditional forensic techniques, such as examining crime scenes and scrutinising evidence with Goren’s instincts for interviewing witnesses by deciding which psychological approach to use when pressing for clues. With a scared old lady, a little sympathy could go a long way. However, an uncooperative suspect might require some hardball tactics with a more intimidating or deceptive line of questioning.

    Many of the sets from the TV series have been rendered in sharp 3D to provide detailed backdrops and locations. When combined with the character likenesses, recreated with equal attention to detail, fans of the show will instantly recognise the efforts that have gone into producing the most authentic Law & Order title to date.

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be published by Mindscape on 24th March 2006 for PC, priced £19.99.

    For more information please contact Mark Ward or Luke Geoghegan at Bastion Ltd.,
    87 Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ, United Kingdom
    Tel: 020 7490 1323 Fax: 020 7490 1350 email: [email protected]
    Bastion web site: Mindscape web site:

    About Mindscape: Mindscape publishes games, kids, lifestyle and budget software around the world. Mindscape is one of the longest established software publishers in the market with well-known international brands and first class licenses such as Thomas The Tank Engine, Noddy, ER and Law & Order.

    Mindscape, led by Jean-Pierre Nordman, operates from a number of countries throughout the world including England, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia. The Group, which currently employs about 100 people, boasts a turnover of approximately €35 million and its impressive catalogue includes more than 700 products which are available in several languages. More information about Mindscape can be found at

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Back of Box - Windows (US):

    Delve into the Criminal Mind ...

    Your are Detective Robert Goren, an elite member of NYPD's Major Case Squad. Your razor-sharp instincts and power of deduction have earned you a reputation as a top-notch investigator. Now, in four all-new murder cases, you will be put to the ultimate test as you attempt to solve the most challenging homicides of your career.

    • Criminal Intent celebrity voices
    • Over 60 beautiful environments
    • Challenging and creative puzzles

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    Delve into the criminal mind as you move through the dark and gritty world
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    You are Detective Robert Goren, an elite member of NYPD’s Major case squad whose razor-sharp instincts and powers of deduction have helped you earn a reputation as a top-notch investigator. Now you will be put to the ultimate test as you scour the crime scenes to collect evidence, interview witnesses to build a criminal profile, and apply psychological interrogation techniques to solve the most challenging homicide cases of your career.

  • Celebrity voiceovers from Law & Order: Criminal Intent stars Vincent D'Onofrio (Det. Goren) and Jamey Sheridan (Capt. Deakins)
  • Four all-new murder cases to solve written by a Law & Order: Criminal Intent series writers
  • Third-person perspective: you control Detective Goren throughout the vividly detailed environments
  • Innovative and psychologically oriented interview and interrogation techniques
  • Players build a "criminal profile" for each case in order to catch the murderers
  • More than 50 speaking characters and over 60 beautifully rendered locations

    Game Overview

    Ambitious prosecutor Martin Castillo found floating in the East River. Fashion Designer Lisa Stokes slashed in a hotel room. Bank Executive James Warren bludgeoned to death in his home...and a fourth murder that could be the key to solving them all.

    Enter the world of the hit TV series and play as Detective Robert Goren in four all-new investigations. Choose which psychological interrogation technique to apply when interviewing witnesses and potential suspects. Decide if Goren should employ deception, intimidation or a completely different approach to get the answers he needs. Build a profile based on real-life criminal profiling procedures to help track down the killers and bring them to justice.

    With beautifully rendered graphics and innovative puzzles woven into the compelling storylines, as well as the voices and likenesses from the show's stars, this thrilling third-person mystery game will have you feeling like you've stepped into an actual episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

    About Legacy Interactive
    Legacy Interactive's management team is led by Dr. Ariella Lehrer, a 21-year veteran in interactive entertainment and education with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Lehrer has developed award-winning products for IBM, Disney Interactive, and The Learning Company, among others. Her work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, CNN, Los Angeles Business Journal, New York Times and more.

    Legacy has strategic distribution, marketing and content partnerships with a variety of companies, including Vivendi Universal Games, Warner Bros., Universal Consumer Products, Mindscape, Dreamcatcher Interactive, Atom Shockwave, Scholastic and TLC (The Learning Channel).

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