Law & Order: Justice is Served Credits


THE CHARACTERSJerry Orbach (as Senior Homicide Detective Lennie Briscoe), Jesse Lamont Martin (as Detective Ed Green), Elisabeth Röhm (as Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn), Patrick McEnroe (as Himself), Alan Oppenheimer (as Charles Northcutt), Charles Dennis (as Hershel Morton), Duane Shepard (as Judge Winston Edwards), Ara Celi (as Elizabeth Hernandez), Phil Morris (as Tony Jefferson), Sam McMurray (as Jack Foster), Neil Ross (as Geoffrey Hoffman M.D.), Dina Pearlman (as Sharon Rutledge M.D.), Julianne Buescher (as Nicole Beaumont), Peter Renaday (as David Benninger), Sean Donnellan (as Howard Cragen), Christian Oliver (as Oliver Christian), Alexander Polinsky (as Jesus Gonzalez), Sean Donnellan (as Mark Greenfield), Sam McMurray (as Henry Haskins), Rajia Baroudi (as Ivana Kirenikov), Rajia Baroudi (as Svetlana Kusarova), Dina Pearlman (as Sophie Marguilies), Brad Abrell (as Frank Morelli), Ara Celi (as Paola Navaro), Brad Abrell (as Gus Olsen), Peter Renaday (as Dmitri Petrov), Alexander Polinsky (as Jimmy Russo), Alexander Polinsky (as Rodrigo Silva), Dina Pearlman (as Eleanor Sullivan), Candy Ford (as Kaya Talib), Phil Morris (as Omar Talib), Julianne Buescher (as Claire Thomas), Neil Ross (as Ben Winters), Keiko Agena (as Toki Yamamato), Charles Dennis (as Yuri Zaliski)
WriterSuzanne Oshry
Game DesignersCraig Brannon, Christina Taylor Oliver
Executive ProducerAriella Lehrer
Director of Product DevelopmentCraig Brannon
Director of MarketingStephanie Johnson
ProducerChristina Taylor Oliver
Lead ProgrammerDavid Fischer
Art Director / Lead ArtistJesus Uriarte
Animation SupervisorDani Rosen
AnimatorsDerek Blume, Chris Bowers, Emilie Leborgne, Ed Galvan, Scott Hyman, Alex Moon, Shon Stewart
3D ArtistsChris Fregien, Charles Hu, Erik Hulser, Ricardo Perez
3D Character ModelsIgor Pinkevich
RiggingMatt Roszak, Tom Westerlin
3D LightingRon Ruvalcava Jr., Virtual Designs Group
Additional ArtistsDena Light, Stephen Rice, Geoffrey Strout
Puzzle ConsultantRay Ivey
Quality Assurance LeadChrissy Deters
Quality AssuranceKervin Carmarce, Colin Campbell, Gretchen Lösch, Christopher Strobel, Niais Taylor
Production AssistantsJean-Paul Bas, Emily Charuhas, Michelle Lee
Sound EditingAbby Schneider
Web SiteSang Lee
Original MusicMike Falcone, Falcone Studios
Law & Order ThemeMike Post
Law & Order Series CreatorDick Wolf
Special ThanksBill Kispert, Koren Buckner, Nichol Bradford, Lisa Roth, Julie Thomas, Jung Kwak, Bender-Helper Impact Public Relations
© 2004Legacy Interactive Inc.
Uses Bink Video © Copyright 1997-2004RAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses FMOD sound and music system, copyright © 1994-2004Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
Law & Order is a trademark ofUniversal TV Distribution Holdings LLC and a copyright of Universal NetworkTelevision LLC.
Licensed byUniversal Studios Licensing LLLP

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (49062)