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League of Legends (Windows)

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League of Legends Credits


Business ManagementGhislaine le Rhun
Marekting & PRRahim Attaba, Atika Boulgaz, Carloine Cabanillas, Nikki Samson, Marie-Christine Vaz
Business DevelopmentMickaël Ivorra, Nicolas Laurent
ProductionSamuel Aurensan, Sami Ben Tkhayatt, Cyriac Benoit, Julien Cavoizy, Gregory Charot, Julien Coquema, Vincent Cuiec, Frédéric Denis, Laurent Dit-Zedde, Olivier Duffaud, Sébastien Foucault, François Gache, Sébastien Gaspari, Céline Goulfault, Guilhem Hachet, Guillaume Hoareau, Renaud Langlois, Romain Lelièvre, Fabrice Le Marrec, Guillaume Meot, Jean-Pierre Milhau, Hélène Pasquier, Marie-Noëlle Podvin, Florence Pattedoie-Davancens, Matthieu Poujade, Olivier Spadi, Jean-François Vigo, Jean-François Weiss
Game MasterSíofra Conaty, Kevin Forcet, Rüdiger Mörsch, Matthew J. Norton, David Ryan, Maxime Thommerel, Taiyo Yáñez
ITAngel Alonso-Parrizas, Lukasz Bednarski, James Carroll, Federico Ceratto, Shane Keogh, Conor Power, Fabio Ricci, Alexander Winterflood
TranslationNicolas Aubert, Magali Babaud, David Cleaveley, Tadhg Crowley, Viv Duignan, Dermot Gallagher, Manuel Gonzalez, Eithne Hagan, Daniel Klein, Pierina Lanzaro, Caroline Leroy, Davide Livraghi, Daniel Loos, François-Xavier Ngo, Senan O'Tuama, Pierluigi Rauco, Jose Manuel Rocha, Jean-Pierre Rostane, Aidan Smyth, Antonella Spagnoli
Speical Thanks toOur beta-testers who helped us with their feedback; opinions and their enthusiasm to form the game., In remembrance of the Thousand Gremlins who lost their lives through your actions we salute you.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (61021)