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Loading Screen
My champion died but what did you expect from a Phoenix?
Two vs. one - Ryze probably won't survive this battle.
My champion casted a healing spell (the green glow).
Annie is nearly dead and uses the recall-spell to return to safety.
Attacking and destroying defense towers is one of the main parts of the game.
Annie summoned a little help (the bear).
The shop at your base has a vast assortment of goods.
One of the epic monsters - don't try them alone.
Killing a dragon with the help of my summoned bear.
The goal of every game: the enemies nexus.
My comrad jesters.ice slayed a bot.
We're nearing the enemies base and nexus.
Destroy this and get access to super minions.
Heavy fighting in front of the nexus.
Mission successful - the enemy nexus is history.
Even a champion shouldn't be in the middle of a battle.