Left 4 Dead 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The intro presents the new characters. This is the car mechanic Ellis.
Main Menu
One of the loading screens. This one introduces the second campaign.
The chainsaw is finally part of the game.
Meet the survivors.
Fighting our way through the hotel lobby.
Here you can see almost all weapons featured in the game.
A friendly smoker is pulling Coach away from his team in versus mode.
This generator needs fuel - the goal in scavenge is to get it.
I'm down and almost dead.
Two zombies introducing themselves to Azaroth's AK-47.
Even Left 4 Dead 2 features team killers.
The tunnel of love is now a tunnel full of zombies.
One of the new uncommon common infected: the clown
A narrow corridor and a shotgun equals fun.
In a few seconds hell will break loose.
What a nice day in the swamp
Two tanks and only pistols left - that won't end well.
Even zombies like to play.
Two for one in a second.
Zombies + a gas-canister = BOOM!
It's raining so much that the whole town is under water.
Zombies + Molotov cocktail = barbecue
Even more Zombies hiding under the bridge.
We just need to get into that helicopter but I guess that tank doesn't want me to.
Hi, I'm Rob Zombie!
Zombies coming from everywhere.
Doctor, can you take a look at my eye?
Ellis and Coach surrounded by Zombies. Rochelle is already down - and I'm not helping them.
A hunter got hold of Coach.
A smoker has me constricted.
A witch - quickly turn off your flashlights or hell will break loose.
A tank on the carnival. That's like an elephant in a china shop.
Meet the Jockey - one of the new special infected.
At the end of all versus sessions, this chart with the statistic of the episode is shown. A good conclusion in this case.
In Versus you can be a special infected. In this case I am a Jockey and I wait for the good moment and place to respawn
While playing Versus you can always keep track of who is alive.