Left 4 Dead Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Standin' on a Pile o' Corpse.
End round statistics.
Preparing for the next stage in the safe room.
Healing myself - just like it says.
Small interior + Shotgun = Double Kill
I'm down and waiting for a companion to help me up.
Zombies, Zombies and Zombies.
Calling in for evac.
Finally saved from the horde - at least until the next match.
Louis makes a last stand (online co-op).
Francis and Bill rush to save Zoey from a Smoker's tongue (versus mode).
"WHY DID YOU OPEN THE DOOR?!" - Tank in the safe room! (versus mode)
Looking for a spawn location as a hunter.
A burning boomer.
Playing as a tank is fun.
Louis in trouble
Bill fighting to the bitter end
Death. Get used to it.
The April 21, 2009 update also included a new menu screen.
'The Last Stand' is a completely new map for survival mode play, set at a remote lighthouse.
My first attempt at survival mode. My team just beat its record, though without much help from me...
A mere 33 seconds later...
Score sheet for survival mode