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Well who would have thought that, isn't this our old buddy Moebius? Looking good, pal, you've been using pixel shaders on that face, huh?
Ah, I told you, you stubborn vampire: 1500 years is a dangerous age -you HAVE to switch to low-fat blood.
Boo-ya, vampire hater! How do you like this telekinetic throath-grip as a comeback?
The good old Ariel is back too, looking better than ever... which is to say, looking worse than ever... you get the picture.
Our favourite squid —the Elder God— is back too, and his patience with the defying Raziel has grown awfully thin...
Raziel hasn't lost his dramatic finger-pointing habit.
That cape has to get some serious dirt when you're walking, doesn't it?
Hey, Kain, did you realize it took you above 2.000 years of life and unlife to finally catch a view of the pillars in their original white?
Telekinetic-pull in mid-air... does it get any better than this?
Defiance lets you interact with and break down most of the scenery... like that railing behind the Sarafan warriors... there WAS one.
Hey, Kain, you might want to go easier on those slashes... remember you need the guy to be left with *some* blood so you can feed.
Look at that, if they're the Hylden from Blood Omen 2! What ever happened to those muscles, buddies?
Wait, you have something in your foot...
Are these spectral-vermin creatures getting more vicious with each new game or what?
Step back, unholy statues! I have a pigeon and I know how to use it!
Wow, I love what Vorador did with the place! It's all 3D now, to begin with...
Oh, crap! Such a monumentally historical moment, and my nail polish starts to peel off. What will the books say...
Who are you calling pathetic? I know I have a bad hair day, but you're kind over the line there!
And what exactly makes you think I'm gonna taste any better than the *other* bones laying in this pit?
Holy Dancing Walls, Raziel!! The Spectral Realm has been greatly improved, thanx to motion blur and some really twisted soundscape.
Hey, have you seen my new fancy volumetric shadow already? Ain't it cute?
Vorador, our favourite nihilistic vampire is also back, of course... Sit up, man! We're taking a picture for the press here!
I'm kinda worried about all this fire so close to a guy with so many feathers...
It's showtime, buster! Could this be? Has THIS moment finally come?
Poll time, hardcore LoK fans! You already know this character —now WHO is he?
Kain stares back at you
Kain's Sanguine Censure described in the Character Status Menu
Raziel's Empyreal Rending described in the Character Status Menu
Kain takes a moment in combat to feed
Kain in caves
Kain Loading
Fight against creature... and eat soul
Raziel loading
You shall not pass.

Tentacle rap... ekhm... fight.