The Legacy of Kain Series: Blood Omen 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Kain awakes. (intro)
Kain and the obnoxious Umah
Stealthy kill
Kain at his throne (from the intro)
The Serafan lord and his army, your hated enemies.
Umah instructs Kain in some new vampire abilities.
Feeding on enough victims allows Kain to increase his strength. Here he's "leveling up".
Magical barriers prevent vampires from reaching sensitive areas.
All hell's about to break loose in this bar.
Moving boxes and large objects is a long-standing tradition in CD's games.
Absorbing a defeated vampire's dark gift.
Using the jump gift to strike an enemy from behind.
Vorador and his posse (wait a sec. isn't he supposed to be dead?)
Kain fails to notice the subtle nipple slips from her fellow vampire.
Hi love, would you mind if I took a small bite out of you?
Look at me!! I am a vampire!! Bwahaha! Hey, seriously. Look at me here!
The bishop seems to be under the control of this nasty vampire.
The Serafan keep, lovely place
Whoops! Is this your heart?
The Charm gift allows you to take control of innocent NPCs for easier infiltration.
The chained victims are back! Yay!
Love how Nosgoth historians depict their history in murals. Here Kain reminisces about how the Serafan lord whupped his ass.
Kain vs the Serafan Lord, Hey! That's my sword!
Boss fight
Reaching out for the Nexus stone.
This guy looks like a badass but goes down easy.
Blending with the fog allows you to sneak around.
Boss fight: Hit him now that he is stunned!
I said Eat My Sword Punk!!
The Dark Gift menu