Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The options menu... take a wild guess: how many LoK freaks are right now using that small Soul Reaver icon as Windows cursor?
The amazing intro FMV
The intro FMV again... oops, the master got mad.
And the intro FMV yet again... indeed, gentlemen, that's Moebius from Blood Omen alright!
Raziel looks down the hall at an unsuspecting guard.
The Soul Reaver is ready for play.
This is the material realm...
...and this is spectral realm!... Wow, someone hold those walls!
In fornt of the castle
In the castle
Fighting on the streets
This fellow wasn't lucky to meet you...
Cut-scene: exiting into the snowy world
The hero
Yeah - this is me
Only one enemy?
Another enemy
What? Two enemies?
Say Kain, how are you planning on getting out of this one?
I know you're there, Raziel...
The savepoints of Blood Omen are back, with a whole new colour.
Oh, my... this can't be a good thing.
Ariel's ghost from Blood Omen and the first Soul Reaver, still bound to the pillars, still mourning...
Raziel is armed and ready to kick some vampire-hunting butt.
Enjoy the limelight while it lasts, Raziel. All those guys are yearning for LoK: Defiance only to be able to play *me* again.
Holy crap!!... Ah, things were so simple with those small Sarafan hunters...
Finally! Janos Audron's aerie!... Now I only need a couple of *real* wings to reach that balcony...