Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

title screen
main menu
the game itself - you're starting in a one way zone
what's worse than loosing your soul
A boat of ancient times
Raziel encountering the Soul Reaver for the first time.
Raziel returns to the abyss.
Raziel can wield torches and set fire to his enemies.
Raziel can also impale his enemies with staves.
It's difficult to do, but Raziel can crush his enemies with blocks.
The game contains quite a few block puzzles. This one requires you to form a conduit for steam.
In addition to simple gliding, Raziel can catch updrafts of steam to rise in the air.
Once Raziel gains the ability to climb, he can reach new areas and objects such as this health power-up.
Raziel will gain the ability to phase through gates in the spectral realm.
The architecture of the spectral realm is dark and twisted. In it, these columns form a staircase.
In the material realm, the same columns act as stepping stones.
Raziel feeds on souls to replenish his energy.
Collecting glyphs gives Raziel the power to cast offensive spells.
The wedge is a health power-up: collect five, and your health meter expands. The orb contains eldritch energy, which is used up while casting spells.
Fans of the series will notice the ruins of Nupraptor's Retreat from the original Blood Omen.
Open Wide...