Legend: Hand of God Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title (Intro)
The Holy Flame. (Intro)
The monastery of the Order of the Holy Flame. (Intro)
Main Menu
Targon - the player character. (Intro)
And the invasion begins once again... (Intro)
Loading Screen
Luna the Lightelf and Targon assess the situation.
Those Goblinfeet smell...
This woman got separated from her son during the invasion of the monastery. You know what to do!
Talking to another quest-giver.
The map with the list of all current maps.
Choose your path.
The skill trees for chosen paths.
Those Goblins really get on my nerves.
A runestone. Respawnpoint and teleportation destination.
This Goblin knocked me down.
Hit the Goblin with a heavy swing.
With that robe I finally look more like a archmage.
As always Goblins take little kids to eat them.
Level Up!
A boss fight against an Orc-Shaman.
The inventory, your attributes and the paper doll of Targon.