LEGO Loco Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Overhead view with window opening showing a character
Another overhead view
When the player examines their post office they see this screen, here they can create and send postcards and read any they have received
Overhead view with breifcase full of things you can build
Object window open showing where its from on the map
The game has lots of friendly help screens to help the player get started
The LEGO toybox contains all the tools the designer needs. On the left are the categories, track has been selected here, and on the right is a side scrolling window showing what's available
There are several predesigned layouts. These are acceded via the toybox
The MOBY layout showing a 'zoombox'. This is how the player changes the settings of a placed item. Here it starts a train running from the station
This control, also accessed from the station, changes the train and the carriages it pulls. This is important because to use the postcard feature a train with a mail van is needed
Tunnels can be placed at the edge of the screen. Trains enter and reappear at another, or the same one if there is only one.
Zoomboxes like this are used to change settings on many things. here the speed of the train can be altered as well as the type of train and it's name
This is the postcard editing screen. It can only be accessed when there is a working post office depot on the line.
Postcards can be created and sent to LEGO people within the game as well as to real world players