Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Larry Laffer looks ... different.
The map
One of the collectable Larry Statues
Larry loves his awards.
Drivin' around in the mailthingy.
I guess that's where they shot that famous Spielberg movie.
Larry is dead - how unfortunate.
Feels just like a 2D-game.
Finally a movie set - the green circle indicates the next target.
The grumpy mailman has a mission for me.
Larry Laffer's suite in the Executive Offices.
Balancing act
Driving around with a mail truck.
The green circle shows you the destination.
Damone LeCoque
Searching for missing pages.
Do not open these packages.
Office babe
Photo moment
Spying on girls.
My mobile home
Time to get up and do something.
Larry Laffer and me
The mission starts.
Your boss
Cleaning up graffiti.
Close up shot of Larry's nephew
The director
Theater house lobby
Directing a scene.
The game gives you important information.
You're a star.
Game statistics