Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! Credits

Team Larry

DesignAl Lowe
Writing, DirectorAl Lowe
ProducerMark Seibert
Assisstant DesignDon Munsil
Director AnimationsJason Zayas
Lead ProgrammingSteve Conrad
ProgrammingDon Munsil, Mark Martino
Background DesignJason Piel
Director BackgroundsLayne Gifford
AnimationWilliam O'Brian, Alberto Eufrasio
GraphicsRobert Munsil, Bryan Wilkinson
Director QAJennifer Gibbs
Sound EffectsBen Houge, Mark Seibert
Additional MusicBen Houge, Mark Seibert

Other Participants

Sound EffectsAl Lowe
Additional MusicAl Lowe
Other ParticipantsAl Lowe, Don Munsil
DREAMS EngineerDavid Henry
Background PhotographsAl Lowe
Boy‑of‑all‑workDale Christensen
Larry Theme composed byAl Lowe
Larry Theme arranged byFrank Zottoli
Original composition byFrank Zottoli
Musicians (Original Composition)Frank Zottoli (Piano), Kim Hutchcroft (Woodwinds), Tom Warrington (Bass), Claudio Slon (Drums), Mark Seibert (Guitar & Synthesizers & Percussion), Al Lowe (Soprano Sax), Steve Conrad (Trombone)
Original Composition recorded atChick Corea’s Mad Hatter studios - Hollywood - California
Music Recording and MixingJeff Hall
Mixing atMaximus Studion - Fresno - California
Compability TestingMichael D. Jones, The entire Sierra Oakhurst Quality Assurance Team
TestingGeoffrey Keighley, Linda Lindley, Wesley Litt, Tim Marley, Dan Milano, Steve Porter, Della Rogers, Mark Schey, Michael Shavelson, Charles S. Solen
PackagingHeather Lavin, Kerri W. Kane
ManualHeather Lavin, Kerri W. Kane
Special Thanks ToTerese Gant, Colette Bottinelli, Cindy Vanous, John Williams, Eric Twelker, Bill Moore, Scott Lynch, Jerry Bowerman, Mike Brochu, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams

Employees of Animotion

Director AnimationDavid Hicock, Larry Royer
Lead AnimationDavid Hicock, Larry Royer, John Bloom, William Davis, Marcus R. Gregory, Frank Krause
Color CoordinationJennifer Robin
ColoristsJennifer Darsney, Marcus R. Gregory, Frank Krause, W. Aric Miller, Jennifer Robin, Peter Wynn
AnimationJames M. Burns, Julie Cornfield, Jennifer Darsney, Aaron P. McDowell, Matthew S. Filer, Jose Mercado, W. Aric Miller, Jonathan C. Parker, Jeff Whitaker, Michael Pringleton, Jennifer Robin, Guillermo Zubiaga, B. J. Walker

Animation, LA West

Director AnimationIvan Tomicic
Project CoordinationSusan McGirr
Production AssistanceDaniela Tomicic
Lead AnimationJurica Saravanja, Ivica Horvat
AnimationJurica Saravanja, Damir Semenov, Zvonimir Cuk, Ivica Horvat, Kristian Dulic, Zeljko Bracic
Color CoordinationPeggy Skrlec
ColoristsSasa Zec, Snjezana Lisica, Peggy Skrlec, Darko Dukaric, Ivana Baric, Scanner, Snjezana Lisica

German Voices

Leisure Suit LarryBerth Wesselmann
NarratorJürgen Andreas
Dewmi MoorePetra Schwab
Drew BaringmoreSabine Niethammer
Mysterious Woman in BlackCornelia Bitsch
Victorian PrinciplesManuela Romberg
Jamie Lee CoitusSabine Niethammer
Nailmi JuggManuela Romberg
Wydoncha JuggSabine Niethammer
PeggyManuela Romberg
Captain ThyghPetra Schwab
ShamaraCornelia Bitsch
PeterPeter Engel
JohnsonJochen Bartels
DickPeter Engel
JacquesChristoph Lüdke
WangPeter Engel
WillyChristoph Lüdke
Mr. AmmbumsenPeter Engel
XqwztsChristoph Lüdke
Judge GrahamJochen Bartels
Judge JuliaPetra Schwab
Judge PaulJochen Bartels
RodPeter Engel
Female Ship AnnouncerCornelia Bitsch
Male Ship AnnouncerMathias Brüggemann

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29547)