Let's Explore The Airport Credits


ProducerRon Gilbert
DesignRichard Moe, Lisa Wick, Mark Peyser
Content WriterDeborah Todd
Dialog WriterLaurie Rose Bauman
ProgrammersRichard Moe, Lisa Wick, Dave Timoney, Tami Caryl Borowick
Sound EffectsLisa Wick, Dave Timoney, Richard Moe
Dialog EditingMichael C. Barnes, Denise Heimel
Interface ProgrammingBret Barrett
Games ProgrammingRichard Moe, Matthew Mahon, Lisa Wick
Background IllustrationsMichael Bagley
Art and AnimationDan Ballard, Bart Bradshaw, Mike Fisher, Kelle Mead, Heather Meloche, Nick Mirkovich, Mark Peyser, Conrad Schmidt, Sandy Spangler, Tom Verre, Tom Witte
Games Art & AnimationRafael Calonzo Jr., Gayle Rowbotham
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammingRon Gilbert, Jason King
Lead TesterBrian Miller
Games Lead TesterDavid Julian
TestingTom Barber, Thomas Faber, Andrew Feucht III, Thomas Goedde, David Julian, Colin Riviere, Jeffrey Tomlinson, Stuart Allman, Kelly Brown, Chris Bui, Jason Estes, Michael Gilbrough, August Miller, Peter M. Rilling, Peter Szumlas
Production AssistantsDenise Heimel, Michael C. Barnes
Theme MusicGeorge Alistair Sanger (The Fatman)
Games MusicRichard Moe
Product MarketingAlex Brown, Sue Klamert, Susan Miller
HandbookShelley M. Day, Lisa Corp
DocumentationSue Klamert
Cover ArtRolf Goetzinger
Help FileDavid E. West
Featuring the voice ofJim Cissell (as Buzzy)
Special ThanksStuart B. Miner, The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dave Timoney (976)