Liberation Day Credits (Windows)

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Liberation Day Credits


Development TeamDanny Bélanger, Didier Bertrand, Benoit Carrière, Emanuel Charbonneau, Daniel Duval, Marcel Emond, Patrice Gagnon, David Lafond, Patrick Lavoie, Dominic Mathieu, Yanick Piché, Stéphane Rainville, Sébastien Thifault
Special thanks toSimon Desrosiers, Vincent-Philippe Lauzon, Pierre Mitchell, Sultan [for his inspirational speeches], Zak [Mongole à batterie]

Interactive Magic

ProducerPaul Potera
VP, External DevelopmentRay Rutledge
Technical EditorSara Ley
InstallationStephen Bridge
Quality ManagerDavid Green
Original StoryDavid Burton
Story EditorDavid Artman
Multiplayer & Network TechnologyTracy G. McQuillen
Playtest CoordinatorsJames Cowgill, Mike Pearson
Internal TestersJoe Allen, Ismini Boinodiris Roby, Brian K. Davis VII, Chris Garner, Carlin Gartrell, Anthony Lazaro, Sean McDaniels, Mike Metrosky, Marc Racine, Chuck Rice, Jason Sircy, Adam Turner, Ted Wagoner, Greg Young
External TestersRichard Arnesen, Nathan Grochoski, Ben Herd, Jeff Key, Eddie Klaynberg, Gary Lipdus, Matt McKeehan, Aubrey Mason, Tony Miranda, Gary Newcomb, Daniel Orr, Jim Pedicord, Roderick Pommier, Scott Price, Kevin Spross, Becky Starling, Mark Wilson
Manual Editing & LayoutCatherine Bollinger, Sarah O'Keefe, Linda Orlando, Alan Pringle, Scriptorium Publishing Services Inc.

German Translation, Manual & Layout

Product MarketingFrank Michaelis
Product ManagerHans-Peter Lange
Manual TranslationHarald Evers (Weltenschmiede Studios), Dirk Grünholz (Weltenschmiede Studios)
Typesetting & LayoutAndreas Ballhaus (IDEE Werbegestaltung)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Wizo (29572)