Written by  :  helm lehm (13)
Written on  :  Jun 16, 2000
Platform  :  Windows

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Dreadfull attempt at a Myst-like interactive movie

The Good

God,i found this game horrible.Sierra,a developer house with such a proud heritage in adventure games tried to fit in the "mostlymystlike" games with releases such as this and the unquestionably better "Shivers".Almost everything is flawed,form the rediculous inventory interface and almost non-logical puzzles.Even for a die hard Myst fan,this game's puzzles really were a pain in the neck.

The Bad

Everything was awful,someone should really talk to developer houses about how THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS BROTHERBOUND DID WITH MYST NOT EVEN IF THEIR NEW GAME IS BETTER THAT THE LATTER!!!!!!!!Sorry about the caps and all but i just really had to get it off my chest.

The Bottom Line

Well,the multiple cd's make good Frisbee practise...