Lights Out (Windows)

Lights Out Screenshots

Windows version

Opening Title Screen
Main Menu
You start here - in Parker's room
Reading the journal is the way to progress, and eventually skip to other time periods
Don't click on these bird pictures until you've looked left or right of them
Demarion's kitchen can only be reached after the bird pictures appear
There's something in the cabinet
There's even something in the outhouse toilet!
Talking to Demarion, the person who commissioned the maps
This screen appears each time to choose to Exit.
Inside the lighthouse principal keeper's room
The first time you are transported to another time is from this cave
In 2004, the lighthouse is a tourist attraction
The answer to this combination is located elsewhere
Inside the giftshop, this book provides many answers.
Ben takes his own picture on a camera left behind
Find the symbols for this puzzle around the island
Another combination door lock
Find some special glasses and the "ghost" will appear
In 2090BC you find the ruins of an ancient camp
Those glasses will show you hidden symbols too
Advanced technology .. in 2090BC??
And what is THIS doing in an ancient cave?
You arrive in the future - 2090AD
Exploring a cabin in the future underwater lab
Another member's living quarters
The medical clinic in the future
This monitor tells you what that thing back in the ruins actually is!
Creepy Child's drawings
Did the Mannequin just move?
The mannequins could almost be real...
Is that Johnny Cash?
The lighthouse against a grey sky
Sombre Pre-Raphaelite art decorates the lighthouse
The lights come on
this is where the action takes place
Tunnels underneath the lighthouse