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NCsoft "Play and See" Product Catalog 2006 (German):
    Lineage® II bietet der Weltelite der MMO-Spieler echte Hardcore-Player vs. Player-Erfahrung. Aden ist kein Ort für zurückhaltende Spieler - Sie müssen zäh sein, wenn Sie es ertragen und gerissen, wenn Sie es überleben wollen.

    In der Welt von Lineage II gilt alle Macht dem Spieler. Es ist eine brutale Welt voller mächtiger Gegner, die alles in ihrer Macht Stehende tun, um einen Vorteil zu erlangen - vor allem, wenn es dabei um Verrat und Ihren kürzlich verstorbenen Charakter geht. Wenn Sie gerissen, talentier und verschlagen genug sind, werden Sie in diesem Spiel mit einem Clan von Anhängern aus aller Welt und einem Königreich, über das Sie online herrschen können, belohnt.

    Außerdem ist das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis von Lineage II unschlagbar. Seit seiner Veröffentlichung im April 2004 wurden mehr als 1,5 GB an neuen Inhalten hinzugefügt, die alle durch die monatliche Abonnementgebühr abgedeckt sind! Und es befinden sich noch viele weitere, große Erweiterungen in Vorbereitung!


    • Extreme Player vs. Player-Kämpfe - überall, jederzeit.

    • Wunderschöne 3D-Umgebungen, die mit einer modifizierten Version der Unreal™-Engine erstellt werden.

    • Regelmäßige Burgbelagerungen, die zu spannendem Onlinechaos führen.

    • Tausende einzigartige Gegenstände, um die es sich zu kämpfen lohnt.

    • Politische und wirtschaftliche Systeme, die sicherstellen, dass die Dramen sich auf jedem Server anders entwickeln.

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    "... für PvP-Fans ist Lineage 2 definitiv ein Leckerbissen." -

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on May 21, 2006.
    Aden Kingdom, the war-torn world where trust and betrayal clash

    The world of Lineage II is established with three kingdoms at its center which encompass the two large continents. Aden, the new kingdom was established after Raoul, the young king successfully quenched a civil war. Elmore, the military superpower, is located in the northern part of the continent. It boasts that it is a direct descendent of ancient Elmore Aden kingdom. Gracia is located across the ocean on the west. It is currently embroiled in a chaotic battle among blood relatives trying to take over the throne. While these kingdoms buffer each other's power, within each kingdom since each manor has strong desire for self-rule. Therefore the kingdoms are vulnerable to the potential of internal strife as well.

    You have been thrown into this chaos. However, unlike those weak ordinary people who pass each day by praying, you have the power to protect yourself. In Lineage II, developing a character is not an end by itself. Rather, it is used as an instrument to obtain the power you need to fulfill your will in his world. Become a king and rule over this world. Your own hand will write your own history in this world.

    001 STC : Synchronized Tactical Combat System
    The battle system in Lineage II is based upon the strategic nature that is generated by precise synchronization between a client's actions and a server's response. In Lineage II, what you see on the screen is in real time. Therefore, it is critical to make an appropriate decision quickly for every situation you get in.

    Until now, online RPGs have not offered any tactical features. Since in a RPG, the screen and actual combat do not match, high level characters have to play while looking at the chatting window. This makes it a mere "text-based MUD game with graphics cover." Or, the game itself does not offer any strategic aspect to players. Most of them merely allow players to swing their weapons while looking at the screen to enjoy an "online action game."

    However, Lineage II is a new system that pursues both strategic features and action-oriented features by offering client-server synchronization and production of a client's battle at the same time.

    Situations filled with dynamic excitement are played out by superior AI monsters, skills that need to be selected according to each particular situation, balance of HP vs. MP, the strategic feature to overcome each situation through teamwork with other clan members, and the action feature that gives you a different feeling even when you kill a single monster. In Lineage II, all of these will be yours.

    002 : Uniquely Specialized Class Systems
    Humans are the race of diversity and potential. Among god's creatures, Humans were the weakest. However, they have cultivated their own destiny and now they are standing at the top of all other races on the entire continent. Among all races, they have the highest proportion of people holding high level professions and they have the balanced capability to handle all types of professions. The representative secondary classes for Humans are Knight, Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard etc.

    Elf is the race that worships the goddess of water. They have slim figures and long ears and are characterized by their pure and innocent beauty. Since the era of giants, they had held the highest position above all god's creatures. However since the giants were destroyed and the era of power arrived, the elves power has declined. Now, they dwell in one part of the forest that is part of Aden territory.

    Dark Elf
    Dark Elf is the race that follows Shilen, the goddess of death who used to be the goddess of water before her fall from grace.

    Originally, the Dark Elves used to belong to the Elven tribes. When the Elves were defeated by Humans, some of the Elves decided to learn black magic, the power of Gran Kain and Shilen, in order to obtain the power to defeat Humans. Their overall appearance is similar to that of Elves. However, they are taller and have sallow skin and silver hair.

    Orcs are of the race of fire. Among all god's creatures, they have the most powerful physical strength.

    After the destruction of the giants, they once were able to chase out the force of Elves and gained the most powerful position on the continent. However they ended up getting defeated by the elf-Human alliance and now they are living in the arctic territory located in the northern part of the continent.

    The Dwarves are the race of earth. They like to create things and possess strong physical power and excellent manual dexterity.

    After the destruction of the giants, the Dwarven race adopted the policy of "siding with the most powerful" and as a result they became an isolated race being hated by all other races. Their structure of society can be compared to a giant corporation and even though Humans rule over the continent, Dwarves are renowned for their business savvy and capacity for organization. The class of Dwarf is largely divided into Raiders who find and retrieve raw materials and Artisans who manufacture products out of raw materials.

    003 Dragon Tamer
    There was a taming system in the previous version of Lineage that tamed and raised dogs and wolves. A taming system exists in Lineage II as well. However, this time you can raise not just dogs, but also a dragon.

    The system for raising a dragon is somewhat different from the general taming system. If you would like to raise a dragon, you must first obtain the dragon's egg. If you would like to capture the dragon's egg, you must fight and defeat the dragon first. When the dragon's egg is hatched, the 'Hatchling,' the dragon larva, is born. The Hatchling is similar in size to a dog and is cute in appearance and considers and obeys the player who hatched him as a parent. The Hatchling fights for the Lord like other tamed monsters and gradually grows as it gains experience.

    If a player with a Hatchling joins the clan and owns a clan hall, the second stage of the dragon taming system begins. If the player introduces the evolution system into the clan hall after overcoming all difficulties, he can develop the Hatchling he has raised into a 'Strider,' the second stage. The Strider is a dragon that runs across the land at high speed, like a horse, carrying his Lord on his back. You can mount the various kinds of weapons on the Hatchling, so that you can attack others as well as move around. The Strider also gains experience through fighting and raises the level as it gradually grows.

    In order to reach the Wyvern level, the final stage of the dragon taming, you need the evolution system that can be installed only at the castles in each territory. If the clan who occupied the castle owns this second-stage evolution system, each clan member can develop the Strider he has raised into a Wyvern, the strongest dragon flying in the sky. The player travels the world on his Wyvern, flames shooting from its mouth as it goes around all barriers, and performs an independent role in siege warfare.

    The dragon taming is another representative system of Lineage II that includes the Vehicle System, Manor System and Quest System, in addition to the basic taming system.

    004 Party and Clan : By uniting your power with others, defeat your enemy and attain your goal.
    As you can see, the characters in Lineage II have diverse and unique traits. The fact that characters possess unique traits that distinguish them from each other also means that when they combine their power, they can become a very powerful force. The joy of party hunting in which you work out a strategy with your friends who have various professions to defeat a powerful enemy is only known to those who have experienced it. While hunting solo in a dangerous area, you may meet a passerby and discover that the two of you are of like mind and form a party. When you do this, the feeling of safety and security is a benefit and attraction of party hunting known only to those who try it.

    If you do party hunting often, you will probably get a regular group together with whom you meet up regularly. You may gather around with the other party members and share your complaints with them about a particular clan leader who is controlling the hunting ground. Perhaps the group will have various goals and ambitions. When a group shares the same goal and has firm convictions, a clan is established. The goal can be mere friendship and fraternization, or ongoing self-training, or the overthrow of the current government. A clan is a gathering of people who share the same mission and try together to accomplish a common goal.

    005 Dramatic Siege War, Hard-headed Ruling
    The background of the Lineage II world is the Kingdom of Aden and other surrounding nations having a cultural level similar to the Middle Ages of the Earth. The power of the King is strong, but the King cannot ignore the local Lords. The local Lords have power similar to the King in the territory he rules, and each lives in a huge castle built in the territory. Most of the Lords rebuild the fortress ruins of the Giant Era still remaining in many places on the continent and use them as their castles, because the excellence of the ancient technologies easily surpasses modern fortification technology, even after thousands of years have passed. Now is the era of war, so a strong castle is one of the most important defenses for the Lord. Other clans, who are not yet Lords, but who attempt to seize power, also want to have a castle. Since the purpose of the many clans is to rule the territory according to their ideals, the recapturing of the castle is their ultimate goal.

    'Siege warfare,' the innovative content of MMORPG that began in the previous version of Lineage, has taken the position as the representative PvP content in the world, as well as in the country. At the time that the subsequent version of Lineage II was released, we thought we needed to show something different from the siege warfare of the other companies.

    Lineage II's siege warfare has two major goals: one is "siege warfare that can bring out the best strategy" and the other is "siege warfare that can enact the most dramatic scenes." Siege warfare that can continuously create different and unique strategies, even after several months or several years have passed, and siege warfare that can deliver the live sensation of tension, overwhelmingly, with hands sweating, when you stand fully armed with your co-combatants in front of the castle. This is the experience we want to give you.

    Numerous privileges are given to the clans who occupy the castle. They impose a tax on the shops around the castle, expand the facilities within the castle, manufacture various items, and train the Strider to ride, or evolve it into a Wyvern to conquer the sky. However, great power is always accompanied by great responsibilities. In Lineage II, there are various systems in which the clans who own the castle operate/maintain many public facilities used by other players and that make a profit. In this structure, the players and the clan who occupy the castle get win-win results through maintenance of the free bulletin board in the areas within the game as well as a service where the Lord personally issues a quest to the players in the territory. Even the clan that is strongest in force cannot maintain political power without support from the other players.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Jan 30, 2005.
    Lineage II: the Chaotic Chronicle takes the same setting and basic game play as the original Lineage and adds exciting new features to the MMORPG genre. The incredible 3-D graphics greatly enhance the player's experience in an immersive environment.

    • Lineage II is a Prequel to Lineage
      The setting for Lineage II is 150 years before the unification of the Kingdom of Aden, in which fierce battles take place among the five races: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves and Orcs. Each race is endowed with unique abilities and characteristics. Characters skills and abilities can be leveled up according to which class is chosen: Fighter or Mystic. Fighters engage closely in combat using weapons and shields, while Mystics can use white, black and summoning magic from a distance.

    • Wage War in Beautiful Environs
      The battles of Lineage II are by far the most realistic ever envisioned. Friendships are strengthened and tensions are aggravated among players who adopt alliances between clans and organized party systems. Siege battles are enhanced by the spectacular 3-D graphics. Players are overwhelmed by viewing castles aloft in the plains with archers shooting down at enemies from the castle walls. Lineage II allows players to explore a wide expanse of territories, traversing seas and mountains, forests and valleys seamlessly, without having to wait between different zones.

    • The Medieval Feudalism of Lineage II
      The territories in Lineage II consist of manors, castles, and villages. Once a clan takes over a castle, members are thrown into a diverse world of political intrigue. They can levy taxes from trades within their territory, make alliances with other clans to protect their land and enlist military support from mercenaries before engaging in battle. The feudal lord can either build a centralized government according to his political taste or choose a decentralized system based on mutual agreement among the clan members.

    • A-Z about upgrading
      Lineage II has a very friendly interface that is easy for beginners to learn and adaptable for more seasoned players. With just one click of the mouse, anyone can easily perform movement and battle skills. Lower level players hunt for less threatening monsters at first, but as they reach higher levels, they can experience increasingly more complicated aspects of the game. Everyone can enjoy the game while progressing at his or her own pace.

      In the future, Lineage II will also allow users access to message boards, decrees, confirmation of war declarations, messengers, and all sorts of data searches within the game through its pledge website, thereby building a strong community, connecting real life and virtual reality experiences.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Jan 30, 2005.