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Links 2001 (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.7
Overall MobyScore (3 votes) 4.3

The Press Says

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Electric Games
It was difficult for me to imagine Links getting any better. At best I thought small changes and new courses would be the most I could hope for. I was blown away by the sheer number of improvements to the game, while retaining the excellent physics engine that made this the top golf game for so long. Bottom Line: Numerous positive changes and additions to the game place this title right where it belongs - on top of the heap when it comes to golf simulations. The king is back!
From a gameplay standpoint, the game is still Links and will be familiar to anyone that has played the series before. Their putting, sand trap play, and graphics stand out the most. But there are some things that are not quite up to par. The player sounds, finicky graphics card requirements, and other small bugs might sway people away from the game. This is the most significant upgrade in the past few years and a good start in the right direction. Any computer golfer would not be complete without this game on their system.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
When last year’s Links title was released, it was considered by many to be the downfall of a decade-old dynasty. Well, I’m glad to say that its departure from greatness was short-lived, as Links 2001 once again reclaims the crown of golfing greatness. The new 3D graphical rendering engine and photorealistic environments help to breathe new life to the series, finally trading in the carbon copy backdrops for lifelike and truly beautiful settings. Further adding to the title’s considerable value is the sheer volume of options, which range from modes of play to sound script editors and powerful course design tools. Tack on the ability to design and save your own modes, and there’s really no reason to own any other golf game. Forget about last year; Links 2001 is here, and the king is back.
Links ist ein echter Monolith im Sport-Genre. Die Prachtgrafik und das über die Jahre bis an die Grenzen der Perfektion ausgefeilte Gameplay zementieren nun erneut den Sockel und dürften dafür sorgen, dass die Konkurrenz auch in Zukunft nur Blut und Zähne, aber keine Kratzer im Lack des edlen Golfboliden hinterlässt.
This game is good, very good. Excellent playability, a large selection of game modes, five good courses included, and improved graphics over the last version. What would I like to see? More pros, better chatter from the pros and players, and I would also like to see a build-a-player mode. This would allow you to start from scratch, select a height, weight, pick out clothes, type of swing, etc. instead of picking one of the pros or other players and modifying them to try and make them like you. Links devotees may want to know that at the time of writing this review there is no converter to import old Links courses. There is supposed to be one in the works, so play the included courses until the converter is available.
PC Games (Germany)
Die neue Grafikengine setzt die Plätze derart fotorealistisch in Szene (deswegen auch satte drei Programm-CDs), dass sie glatt als Reiseprospekt für einen Golfurlaub durchgehen würden. Ob im idyllischen Gebirge oder in einem riesigen Canyon: Jede der sechs Anlagen bietet abwechslungsreiche Parcours und unterschiedliche Grüns. Leider wirkt das Ambiente nach wie vor sehr statisch, daran ändern auch die sporadisch vorbeiziehenden Vögel nichts.
Svenska PC Gamer
Links -serien har hamnat lite grann i samma sits som NHL-diton. Det är svårt att säga vad som kan förbättras, och ändå har man väldigt stora förväntningar när det släpps nya versioner. Links 2001 är ett mycket bra spel. Ändå finns det egentligen inte så mycket nytt som man inte har sett förut.
When all is said and done, the one thing that PC golfers will want to know isn't whether Links 2001 is better than its predecessors, but whether it's better than PGA Championship Golf 2000. While Links 2001 isn't sufficiently superior enough to pull anyone away from PGA Championship Golf, it'll definitely please Links fans, especially once the promised course-converter becomes available.
GameStar (Germany)
Das an und für sich fabelhafte Links 2001 bringt mich ins Grübeln: Endlich eine generalüberholte Grafik, endlich der überfällige Kurs-Designer. Dennoch kommt es mir so vor, als würde ich wieder nur ein Update spielen. An der (sehr guten) Spielmechanik selbst hat sich nämlich kaum was getan. Veteranen sind nach fünf Minuten sofort wieder drin, werden sich aber dennoch nach PGA Championship Golf 2000 zurücksehnen. Das unterliegt zwar bei Präsentation und Anzahl der Spielmodi deutlich, bietet aber auf Dauer die größere Herausforderung samt besseren Mausschwung. Wer kein absoluter Digital-Vollprofi ist, fühlt sich bei Access nach wie vor am besten aufgehoben: Nie zuvor war Golfen am PC schöner.
PC Player (Germany)
Nach einigen zuletzt faden Aufgüssen hat die Links-Serie dieses Jahr etwas ernsthaft Neues zu bieten. Mit dem Editor geht ein Traum der alten Fans in Erfüllung, aber dessen strenger CAD-Charme ist zugleich ein Alptraum für Einsteiger. Grafisch gibt es sichtlich Verbesserungen, doch spielerisch herrscht Stillstand: keine Fortschritte bei der Steuerung und anhaltenden Friedhofsstimmung im Turnier-Modus. Dank des Editors entgeht Links gerade noch einem Wertungsabzug.
I like golf. Golf is a good game to go out in the sun, drink a couple of beers, and hang out with your buddies during a leisurely stroll while playing a silly little game. In fact I really love golf. It's really too bad that it costs so much to play. But that's where golf games for the computer come in. It gives you the opportunity to play the sport in the comfort of your home without shelling out the big bucks. Unfortunately that is also the problem. The great fun of golf is the being outside and the friends and the "exercise" that you get from playing. So where is the fun and realism in the computer golf games? Apparently no one really knows, because while Links 2001 is certainly another solid entry into the golf genre, except for the Arnold Palmer Course Designer, there's not all that much here that you haven't seen before.
PC Joker
Die komplett neue Grafikengine zeigt Hires-Texturen und butterweiche Animationen, benötigt bei höchster Detailtreue aber eine kleine Ewigkeit zum Berechnen des schönen Scheins. Es gibt die gewohnt gute Steuerung über zwei oder drei Klicks, eine perfekte Ballphysik, nette Soundeffekte nebst englischer Sprachausgabe sowie den Kurseditor. Vier Spieler können an einem Rechner antreten, auch Internetturniere sind machbar.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
In summary, it’s still LINKS. but with the course designer and graphic improvements, it truly is improved. And that means that this is indeed a very fine golf game. Is it the ultimate, be-all-end-all golf sim? Not yet — add a real-time mouse swing, some dynamic full-screen camera views, and a real career mode to LINKS 2001’s superb physics, superior graphics. huge number of play modes, and outstanding online play. Then, there may be no need to look at any other PC golf game.
80 (UK)
If you like golf you simply have to have Links 2001 in your collection; it plays a rockin' good round of golf, and looks simply stunning into the bargain. The lack of free movement in both setting up shots and camera views is very frustrating at times, and goes some way to spoiling an otherwise flawless game. With PC technology now becoming obscenely quick, it shouldn't be too long before we're walking around Links style fairways in real time using a proper first or third person view. Until then though, Links 2001 should satisfy any golfing addict.
Pourtant le plus complet des jeux de golf, Links 2001 fait encore plus. Ainsi un véritable programme de création de parcours est livré dans la boîte. Grâce au Arnold Palmer Course Designer, vous utiliserez les mêmes outils que les développeurs pendant la conception du jeu et vous serez effaré par la somme de possibilités disponibles dans cet éditeur. Du moindre caillou à la moindre once de vent, vous pourrez absolument tout faire. Enfin, le multijoueur n'a pas non plus été mis de côté puisque Links 2001 permet de se mesurer à des adversaires en temps réel sur le Net, grâce à une gestion asynchrone des parties.
Gamer's Pulse

In the end, Links 2001 is a decent golf game, but has it's share of problems. Unfortunately, the various minor detractions from the game are not balanced by much of anything particularly notable on the positive end of the scale. Regardless, if you are anything like I am, playing this game has as good of a chance of causing the loud utterance of profane language as golfing out in the fresh air.
Svenska PC Games
Ett riktigt bra golfspel som tilltalar både hardcore-fans och nybörjare. Med en ny grafisk motor är Links-serien starkt rustad i den hårda konkurrensen i golf-genren. Rekommenderas till alla golffans.
Si vous tenez absolument à acquérir un jeu de golf, Links 2001 constitue une valeur sûre. Vous n'utiliserez probablement jamais l'éditeur de parcours, assez peu convivial, qui est fourni avec le titre. Vous n'exploiterez pas forcément toutes les potentialités, tous les paramètres, de cette énorme usine à gaz. Mais, à condition d'avoir quelques amis avec qui jouer, vous passerez de très agréables moments à swinguer sur le fairway. Eh oui, même les jeux les plus incroyablement dormitifs en solo deviennent intéressants en multijoueurs !
All Game Guide
This is one bandwagon I'm not going to jump on simply because the name Links is involved. And any discerning, cyber golfers who spend any significant time with this game will surely reach the same conclusions. Mainstream publications will no doubt continue the myth of this venerable golfing entity, but, then, so did the singers of praise for Myst.