Links 2003 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Create your own golfer, based on generic models, or pick one of 4 professional golfers.
Links 2003 comes with 6 golf courses. You can download hundreds more off the internet, however, including imaginary courses.
When you load up a course, you're treated to a splash screen featuring photographs of the real course.
Each hole comes with a caddy book preview of the hole. Pro tips for playing the hole are also available.
The scenery is generated with 2-D sprites instead of 3D objects, so the courses look photorealistic.
You can choose to have the ball leave a path through the air, to help you improve your aim.
Trees reflect off a placid water hazard on the 4th hole at Cambrian Ridge
The putting assistant can help you make those tricky putts. You can still miss, however.
The course designer software allows for some pretty impressive scenery.
A variety of informational windows are available to help you analyze your shot.
If you have trouble with a shot, you can always take a mulligan. Or two. Or twenty.