Links LS 2000 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the main menu screen. Its a demo version so there’s only one course and some options are limited
The main menu screen has an Options selection. This is where the player can configure many aspects of the game.
The Help facility is context sensitive. In the Options screen it brings up the section relevant to that screen, in other screens and in-game it brings up other sections
These are the on-line play options
Starting a new round of golf begins with course selection. The game allows players to keep just the course they want to play on their hard drive to save space.
The Options screen has an MOP designer tab. That stands for Mode Of Play. The game comes with these modes built-in
Before any golf can be played the player must create a golfer. This starts by entering a name. The game allows a decent size of name and spaces.
There are different kinds of golfer animation available. Here Male-4 has been selected and is being viewed. Other important settings are the clubs the player will take onto the course and skill level
After creating a golfer the player and deciding on Stroke Play as the kind of game to be played the player gets to choose who’s going to play this round. Here it’s just the players golfer
The course is being loaded.
On the tee at the first hole. Moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen brings up a menu bar with lots of options. Here the reverse landing camera is being selected.
The camera selection, see previous picture, has opened up a new window. Here the golfer’s stance can be altered
After the shot the player gets to see how good / bad it was.
Playing the second shot from the fairway. The ball is in flight and can just be seen in the overhead view on the right.
The second shot landed on the green. The game can be configured to show the grid automatically when the ball is on / near the hole.
This round is being played with the classic three-click control. Click 1 starts, click 2 & 3 set the upper & lower limits
There are three kinds of swing control available. They can be set up at the start of the game and can be changed in-game
I had problems putting until I realised that my golfer was still using a wedge
Finally the ball is in the hole.
There are some great player aids available in the menu bar. here the tracer option is being selected
Tracing the shot really helps. It also shows how many failures it takes to get one good shot
So after a few attempts to put the ball into the hole have failed the player tries to adjust the golfers stance only to get this message. Should have read the manual!
This is what was eventually done to get a better result
Yup. This happens to me in real life too.
The score card can be viewed at any time during a round
Lovely scenery but who put that tree in the way! Another instance where Links 2000 mirrors the things that happen to me in a real game.
A thundering drive from the tee that ended up out of bounds. Two options, one is to play a less powerful shot.....
... and another option is to use the Rotate feature to take an entirely different line
At the end of the round the scorecard is displayed. This is followed by the game statistics.
After playing a round there are some player stats that are available from the main menu