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Links LS Classic (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Links LS Classic Credits


Product Unit ManagerBruce Carver
Associate Product Unit ManagerDavid Curtin (credited as Dave Curtin)
Program ManagerRoss Curtin
Art LeadBrian Johnson
Development LeadSteven D. ZoBell
Test LeadMichael Burge
Course Development LeadBill Biggs
Software DevelopmentChris Carver, Roger Carver, Matt Dawson, Jerry Frazier, Bruce Gifford, Jeff Harward, Russell Hunter, Charles Johnston, Richard Moore (Credited as Rich Moore), Paul Johnston, Mark McArthur, Parhan Mohadjer, Matt Smith, Mark Snow
ArtJared Bastian, Alan Brockbank, Spencer Black, Roger Chamberlain, Neil Galloway, Mark Hulla, Adam Ingleby, Paul Johnson, Nathan Larsen, Brandon Wright, Mike Yurth, Douglas Vandegrift (credited as Doug Vandergrift)
Course BuildersJeremy Carver, Mark Mazzei, Thorsten Moeckel, Parhan Mohadjer, John Harmon, Alan D. Johnson, Brett Petric, Richard Rounds, Nate Whitmer, Scott Wright
Course AcquisitionBill Biggs, Skip Huntress, Zeke McCabe, Lanny Nielson, Mike Yurth, Scott Wright
Audio LeadJon Clark
MusicD. J. Shelton (of Shelton Productions), Matt Heider (of Third Ear Music), Jeff Abbott (of Third Ear Music)
Multimedia ContentSteven Barnes (credited as Steve Barnes), David F. Brown (credited as Dave Brown), Gerry Graves, Les Oswald, D. J. Shelton (credited as Dave Shelton)
Intro VideoNathan Larsen
Quality AssuranceSeth Behunin, Bruce Darby, Kevin Homer, Russell Jenkins, Lon Oswald, Dave Langborg, Chris Okelberry, Nick Perkins, Michael Russell, Ron Jenkins, Jim Slade
Graphics SpecialistsBradley Beck (credited as Brad Beck), Roger Carver, Pat Carver, Nick Carver, Scott Draper, Ryan Fedor, Dave Geurts, Jake Johnson, Paul Johnson, Ben Kohler, Dave Langborg, Seth Robinson, Clark Spencer, Lindsay Spencer, Nate Whitmer
Box DesignJames H. Fedor, Darren Steele
GolfersArnold Palmer, Fuzzy Zoeller, Mike Malaska, Claudia Nielson, Lanny Nielson, Phil Parker, Chris Carver, Sharon Eastman, Jessica Gardner, Quentin Sasser, Mike Lin, Annie Windchester
Celebrity Sound SchemesCraig Bolerjack, David Feherty
DocumentationBruce Carver, Andrea Heuston, Steve Johnson, Pete Meyers, Daj Oberg
Online HelpSteve Johnson
LocalizationTakayoshi Asahina, Steve Belton, Suzanne Boylan, Roisin Cree, Tony Faulkner, Peter Fitzpatrick, Yutaka Hasegawa, Kaoru Ito, Kazuyuki Kumai, Yasmine Nelson, Sandra O'Neill, Jason Shirley, Juichi Takahashi, Jonathon Young
Pro Tips AnnouncerCraig Bolerjack
Angelic CateringAngela Strong, Jim Manfull
Indeo Video Interactive Copyright 1998Intel Corp
Indeo is a registered trademark ofIntel Corporation
TrueMotion Playback Engine and compression Software copyrightThe Duck Corp.[1993‑1998]
TrueMotion is a registered trademark ofThe Duck Corp.
Photographs and Video for the Arnold Palmer multimedia presentations were provided by and are reproduced with the permission of the followingThe Arnold Palmer Collection, Richard Meek, Arnold Palmer Enterprises, UPI ‑ Bettman, United States Golf Association, Leonard Kamsler, AP World Wide Photos, Zeke McCabe, Sports Illustrated
Special Thanks toFuzzy Zoeller, Fuzzy Zoeller Productions, The USGA[United States Golf Association], David Joy (as 'Old Tom Morris')

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (70809)