Links LS Classic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Autorun menu for Links LS Classic.
Shown at the end of the introduction movie clip on the CD.
They didn't even change the main screen, it's still Links LS 2000.
Playing at Kapalua Plantation course with Mr. Palmer.
The first time the game is run after its installation it builds its animation files and configures the game for best performance
There are lots of game configuration options. This is the screen where a new golfer is created and previewed
More modern machines have the power to run the game with just about every option turned on
There are loads of different ways to play golf and in addition to the many variants supplied the player can create their own
The New Tournament menu
Creating a new tournament, this is one of the places where the number of courses becomes apparent
Selecting two human players for the tournament
On the first hole of the Harbour Town course. The hole stats are optional
After each shot the player is given a summary of how well, or otherwise, it went
Playing in a tournament and, after the first hole, both players are surprisingly on the leaderboard
The player aims the shot by positioning the red & white pole with the mouse. It seems a little bit like overkill when on the green for a tap-in
This small 'splash screen' is displayed as the game loads. It is followed by an animated Microsoft logo and then by the main menu
The LS Tour is installed along with the game
The LS Tour is installed along with the game but, in 2016, the game servers were not functioning