Little Caesars Fractions Pizza Credits


ProducerBrian Devine, Vinod Lobo
ProgrammingJohn Banks, Tim Roach
IllustrationTriska Seegar, Ray Blavatt
AnimationEric van Hamersveld
Character VoicesRick Calvert, Lani Minella, Bix Bettwy, Shondra , Doren Elias, Mick Bonde, Darren Ray Thorn, Brian Devine
Instructional DesignRandolph Philipp, Brian Devine
Music & LyricsDarren Ray Thorn
Music ProductionThorn Productions
Music & Vocal ArrangementDarren Ray Thorn, Mark Riddle, Tim Hilgeman
MusicianDarren Ray Thorn, Mark Riddle, Dennis Caplinger, Charles Tietsworth, "Big Time Operator", Marc Rosen, Tom Bishop, Rick Cunningham, Shannon Dailey, Aladdin ElWardani, Nathan Mills, Carlos Rull, Jamie Tobitt, Jim Weiss
Kid SingerAshley Linton, Courtney Linton, Bix Bettwy, Mick Bonde, Ross von Metzke, Eric Von Metzke, Chris Shenkle, Michael Velez, Kelsey Graves
Adult SingerToni Redd, Shondra Thomas, Doren Elias, Ed Graves, Michael Rorah, Michael Stone
FoleyJesse Thorn, Aaron Hatch, Tom Jepperson, Darren Ray Thorn, Maggie-Gonzales Thorn
Audio EngineerSteven Wetherbee, J. J. McLeod
Recorded atGolden Track Studios, Sight & Sound Studios, Studio West, Thorn Productions, Conexus Studios
Songs Mixed and Mastered atGolden Track Studios
Audio Post‑Production atSight & Sounds Studios
Beta TesterPeter, Alex, Christopher, Maren, Sarah, Jacob, Chelsey, Lauren, Katee, Anne‑Reed, Megan
TestingMultimedia Consulting LLC
Special ThanksJoe Dandy, Selectware Technologies Inc.
Panasonic TeamMakoto Morise, Lou Viveros, Kari Gibbs, Linda Stackpoole, James Jennings, Dave Conley
Little Caesars TeamDenise Ilitch-Lites, Linda Jaworski, Dwayne Young

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Credits for this game were contributed by Multimedia Mike (19807)