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Little Farm Credits (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Little Farm Credits

MumboJumbo Presents: Little Farm

Executive ProducerMatthew Lichtenwalter
ProducersKonstantin Zavoloka, Drew Jensen
General ManagersIlya Plyusnin, John Newcomer
Game DesignKonstantin Zavoloka, Alexander Vedeneev, Ilya Plyusnin, Drew Jensen, John Newcomer, Mark Cottam, Matthew Harmon, Matthew Lichtenwalter, Randall Varnell, Robert M. Atkins
Art DirectorKirill Korneev
Creative DirectorRobert M. Atkins
Technical DirectorMikhail Rojkov, Brian Eiserloh (as Squirrel Eiserloh)
ArtistsMikhail Toshpulatov, Boris Anohin, Alexandra Petruk, Chuck Lee, Kelly Hamilton, Masha Katz
IllustrationAlexandra Petruk, Masha Panova
ProgrammingYuri Sitnikov (as Yuriy Sitnikov), Gregoriy Alexanin, Vladimir Milkin
MusicVasily Shestovets (aka Lavaman)
SFXVasily Shestovets (aka Lavaman)
WritingSalty Pretzels Entertainment
Build MasterAaron Funk

Quality Assurance

QA ManagerRandall Varnell
QA SupervisorsDavid Shepherd, Shawn Sebby
QA LeadMonica Alvarez
TestersNicholas Becmer, Anthony Coombes, Kandis Daniel, Kevin Daniel, Kristel McField, Brian Steele, Raul Castaneda, Frank Corrieri, Jordan Sindelar, Boris Grebnev, Stanislav Yudin
Customer SupportJosh Spigener

Business Development

VP of Business DevelopmentMichael Suarez
Partnership ManagerSteve Fernandez
Director of MarketingKate Ric
MarketingChristopher Bielinski, Dawn McKenzie

Special Thanks

MumboJumbo ChairmanRon Dimant
CEOMark Cottam
VP of SalesBrian Garrison
Director of FinanceJay DiNucci

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (123622)