Little Farm Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading progress screen
Title screen and main menu
The high scores
Opening story
The goal of the first screen is to fill one truck.
I am watering these beans.
The beans are going to the truck, the tomatoes are going to the compost heap.
The truck is full and away it goes. Well done.
The completed level stats.
The store where you buy things. I can buy a farmhouse, now.
Now there is a house on my land.
The little girl will tell you when you're at the last truck.
I have unlocked Wild Tiles. These can be matched with anything.
Using a Wild Tile to make a match.
I have unlocked Lost Coins. Find these and you will be given hints for the largest possible matches, five times.
A mini-game: Collect Mode. Try to collect all the vegetables before time runs out.
Level complete.
I have unlocked pumpkins. I can buy the seeds at the store.
That field is complete.
I've unlocked the Butterfly Bonus. When I make a match with a butterfly in it, I get extra money.
My field with pumpkins. I also have a well that will double my water (and harvest) for one match, if I make enough matches.
There is a butterfly on my field.
I got a butterfly bonus and the well is giving me a double water bonus.
This field has beans, tomatoes and pumpkins.
I have unlocked eggplants.
How to add an oil rig to your land for more money.
That thing next to my arrow is a bug. I need to click it twice to clear it. I cannot make matches if it is in the match.
The raincloud made a puddle. I need to remove that. I now have an insecticide shed on the right so I only need to click bugs once. I have planted eggplants.
HEAT WAVE! Farmers in danger.