Little Girl in Underland Credits (Windows)

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Little Girl in Underland Credits


Designed byErin Robinson
Art byErin Robinson
Story byErin Robinson
Propaganda byErin Robinson
Scripting byFrancisco Gonzalez
Sound byFrancisco Gonzalez
In‑game music byMark J. Lovegrove
Magic Smiling Cat voiced byFrancisco Gonzalez
Little Girl voiced byErin Robinson
Lack of Hearts and Ace of Base voiced byMisja van Laatum
Western Rabbit and Prole voiced byBrendan Hennessy
Maydaybug voiced byMarco Ooijer
Capitalpillar voiced byPieter Simoons
Anger Fish voiced byMark J. Lovegrove
Fat Man & Auxiliary Fat Man voiced byDavy Stedham
Post-Industrial Worker of Tomorrow and Daemon voiced byBłażej Dzikowski
Man with Hat voiced byRyan Keepence
Jabbearwock voiced byEric Feurstein
Queen of Democracy voiced byJess Fink

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