Little Inferno Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
First practice with fire
A message from Miss Nancy (Dutch version)
The first catalog with five items unlocked (Dutch version).
Three types of objects are thrown into the fireplace.
Burn them and see if something happens.
Here's Sugar Plumps! (Dutch version)
Lots of items stacked together.
The combo list (Dutch version)
Through a certain object you can upload a custom image from your hard disk (Dutch version).
Two more combos are needed to unlock the next catalog (Dutch version).
Sugar Plumps wants a gift (Dutch version).
This image is a custom upload.
If it takes too long, spend stamps for express delivery (Dutch version).
The weather man is quite worried (Dutch version).
Burn objects to pick up money.
Upgrade the shelf space in exchange for bucks (Dutch version).
An instruction video
Let's see what happens when you burn these two together.
Three items in the fireplace
This objects sucks everything into its orbit.
Miss Nancy provides a hug coupon (Dutch version).
Dry ice freezes other objects such as the corn here.
I made green fire!
Browsing the third catalog (Dutch version).
Red fire!
A large spider. Kill it with fire, literally.
A wooden Meat Boy figure.
A combo with lots of little pieces has been discovered.
The fourth catalog. There is a delay on two items here and seven are left to be unlocked (Dutch version).
A large green, 8-bit fire.
With a certain object burning rosebuds appear.
The fifth catalog (Dutch version)
Lots of fireworks and money
The sixth catalog (Dutch version)
That's a nice combination for spam (Dutch version).
The seventh and final catalog (Dutch version)
Outside, talking to another character (Dutch version).
Here's the receptionist (Dutch version).
Walking over a hill, alone.