The Little Raven & Friends: The Tricycle Story Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Little Raven title screen
Choose the Raven that suits you to save your game.
Little Raven is just going for a little ride...
"That dumb tree! It just sort of stood there in the middle of the road!
The first of several such decision bubbles; Little Raven debates whether to lie or not.
Poor decisions have consequences!
Little Raven offers Mole a cookie, but the bribe is not enough.
The shell game - winner takes the horn. Now, isn't that gambling?
Arriving at sleepy old Owl's house.
Owl can't find his glasses in the mess...
...and the world is a blur without them.
Badger is pretty sad because he doesn't know how to play the memory game.
Little Raven makes the right choice and offers to help.
Rabbit has the tricycle seat but he's willing to hand it over.
All the bugs have to be picked up and replaced in their jar!
Wild Boar is using the wheels to work out.
Getting ready to make a new set of weights - with pots and balloons and radios.
Sheep wants a new flag in trade for the foxtail.
Mouse has the tail lights, and a very BIG piece of cheese.
Raven prepares to push the cheese into Mouse's pantry.
Ready to assemble!
The happy group gathers to celebrate.
Ready to race!
Do you really want to quit now? Yes? No?