Live Pool Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's title screen
The process of starting a game begins with choosing which kind of pool is to be played. Here 3-Ball pool is selected.
The next step is choosing the type of game.
This is a long shot showing the room with the juke box in the corner.
In a practice session the player gets sight lines to aid them. This shot shows them and the ability to zoom in/out of the table.
The Tab key brings up a menu on the left which controls the music being played. The bottom menu contains game configuration and chat functions.
To complete the atmosphere there's ice hockey playing on the TV at one end of the room. Just a short repeating clip but it's a nice touch.
The help screen is accessed via the F1 key.
This is the game configuration menu. It is accessed via the Options ball on the main menu.
There are plenty of video modes to choose from.
The Audio option allows the player to select their own music tracks. here the game is going to be played to the sounds of ABBA's Greatest Hits. Does life get any better than this?
This is the screen that sets the style and colour of the table.