Lock On: Modern Air Combat Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Su-27 Flankers patrol the skies.
Refueling requires lot of skill.
SU-27 deploys the brake parachute.
TU-160 Blackjack bomber brakes away after launching cruise missiles.
Cruise missiles on their way.
Targets destroyed.
Mig-29 Fulcrum is a agile dogfighter.
"I have missile lock!"
"Missile away!"
Target destroyed.
Russian T-80 tank.
Flying over a city.
AWACS patrols the skies.
"SAM launch!"
Going down after a SAM hit.
Engaging tanks with the A-10's GAU-8 cannon.
German Tornados unleash a firestorm in russian airfield.
"Eject Eject Eject!"
Lock On has impressive weather effects. Like real lighting, it's difficult to get a picture of it.
Carrier landing at night. Can you see the deck?
The 3D cockpits of all six flyable aircraft are very detailed.
These Thunderbolts are waiting for clearance to take-off.
The Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kusnetsov"
Airfield view
This S-3B Viking with a damaged engine is dropping flares.
The Su-27 Flanker cockpit
Two MiG-29 Fulcrum on patrol
An Ukrainian Su-27 with full afterburner
Each aircraft has its own loading screen.