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Loco (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Loco Credits


CodeKonstantinos Prouskas
GraphicsKonstantinos Prouskas
MusicStaffan Melin
LogisticsBella Smerniotou
Special ThanksGerardo Adesso, Philippe Brisson, David Ortmann, Fred Westereng
Quality AssuranceZoran Aksic, Dan Anderson, John Andrew, Ben Andrew, Jeremy Andrew, Felix Bloomfield, Olle Bodén, Philippe Brisson, David Cates, Alex Christensen, Heidi Clymer, Ceriman Dragan, Eric Fisk, Simon Forth, Drazen Golic, Craig R. Goodrich, Yorick Heijink, Scott Hoisington Sr., Colleen Hooi, James Dean Howard, Vladimir Ivanov, Kelly Kovar, Nicholas Kraak, Bryan Litwyn, Nikola Manojlovic, Michael Musa Martin, Tom J. Miell, Maximilian Nürnberg, Jesse Pearman, Vasileios Kon. Pothos, Jonah Saltzman, David Shaw, Bernd Stahmer, Rebecca Ikink, Michael P. Sullivan, Vera Towet, Bearton de Vear, David Wilson, Emma Wong

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