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Lone Survivor (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Lone Survivor Credits


Game byJasper Byrne
Dedicated toJohnny Byrne
Art byJasper Byrne
Sound byJasper Byrne
Design byJasper Byrne
Code byJasper Byrne
Portrait of 'You' byBento Smile
Soul Brother Animation byRik Nichol
Thin Man Spray Animation byLazrool
Special ThanksTerry Cavanagh, Lazrool, Bento Smile, Noyb, Barnaby Byrne, Nick Byrne (Spesh), Stephen Lavelle, Hayden Scott-Baron (dock), Jonatan Söderström (cactus), Jan Willem Nijman (jw), Ruari O'Sullivan (randomnine), Caspar Newbolt, Ed Key, Jason Rohrer, Daniel Benmergui, Charlie Knight (Charlie), Bennett Foddy, Ian Snyder, Jonathan Whiting, mcc, Alejandro Grilli J. (agj), Jonas Kyratzes, Alan Hazelden (Draknek), Richard Perrin (Perrin Ashcroft), Robert Yang, Nicolai Troshinsky (Troshinsky), Michael Brough (smestorp)
Testingbisse, oyog, zaphos, Gabriel Verdon, nyarla, HybridMind, bateleur, Mattias Gustavsson, Jonathan Skuse, Berbank Green, R.D. Ein, Cassandra Khaw, Sergio Cornaga
Shouts toThe Poppenkast, The CB2 Indies, The Super Friendship Club, Dean Fletcher (Silver)
Extra Special ThanksKanako, Aila Byrne

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