Lone Survivor Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Introduction sequence where the protagonist is introduced.
Some parts of the gameplay and the interface resemble a classic adventure game.
Hiding from a monster.
You meet a girl.
This is your room and the place where you can go to sleep.
There is an odd hole in this bathroom.
Walking past an organic wall.
The inventory with some of the actions
Using these mirrors you can quickly move between locations.
Consulting the map of the first floor.
Finally some other characters
Admiring the view outside.
A message on the wall. The protagonist is holding the gun.
A hole has been opened.
A strange man with a box on his head in a nightmare.
You can hide between the meat here.
A monster killed the protagonist.
A disturbing encounter
The Director is a very shady character.
Another vision in a dream
You just cannot handle this monster.
Another monster has been shot.
The white-faced man does not intend to help you right away.
Near a fire exit with some growth over it.