Loom Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Company logo.
Main title.
Opening cinematic.
On top of the mountain, starting your adventure.
Elders quarrel amongst themselves.
Acquiring the weaving staff at the temple.
In the village.
The village lab.
Acquiring the melody of light from the owls.
Trying to open the grave.
Trying to unwind the tornado.
Our hero is not afraid of getting a little wet for as long as it's for a greater cause.
A city entirely made of crystal.
Overhearing a rather shady conversation.
A crystal ball predicts your future and shows you what to do next.
Scaring a bunch of shepherds by turning into a dragon.
Camouflaging the sheeps to protect them from the dragon.
This dragon is apparently afraid of fire.
Casting a light in the dark cave.
Untwisting the bridge to create a path across the gap.
This boy fell asleep while looking for some dry wood.
Trying to enter the forge.