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OK "free-to-play" online RPG SharkD (437) 3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars
Satisfies any MMORPG gamer as well as Tolkien fans waiting for an online Middle Earth experience. blefuscu (462) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.2
Overall User Score (19 votes) 4.1

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Worth Playing (Jun 11, 2007)
Turbine has come out on top once again and proved that if "Lord of the Rings" could be turned into a successful MMORPG, they would be the ones to do it. That they did. Probably the biggest question about LotRO is, "Does LotRO have the potential to surpass World of Warcraft?" The answer is yes. Not only does LotRO take place in the world that created the fantasy theme, but the title is far more polished and ahead of any MMORPG during its release. Only a short time afterwards, Turbine is already releasing a large content update to prove that they are taking things seriously. LotRO is worth a try for anyone who is fans of Lord of the Rings or MMORPGs in general, and it would be your loss to not give it a whirl. In my opinion, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is certainly, one of the best games to hit the shelves this year.
95 (Jun 24, 2007)
Forget World of Warcraft, the competition has arrived and overclasses completely. The fun innovations, smoother gameplay, better graphics and filmic feel makes this game a huge success. Buy it... that's all I have to say.
Good Game (Jun 05, 2007)
LOTR doesn’t bring anything NEW to the table. Rather, it takes common MMO conventions and does them better. It’s a game that revolves around forming a fellowship and defeating the odds with teamwork. Even though I’m a player vs player guy, I enjoyed every minute I was in LOTR. I’m giving it 9.5/10 chickens for second breakfast.
93 (May 15, 2007)
Having played both closed and open betas, and now the retail release of the game, I am quite impressed with LOTRO. From the lush visuals and sound, to the solid, stable gameplay mechanics, to the way in which Tolkien's world was so faithfully and respectfully brought to the PC, this is a quality experience. I cannot speak to the high-level game, or large group raids, or indeed whether this game will hold my interest and monthly subscription fee for months or years to come, but nearly every aspect of my time in Middle Earth so far has been a positive one. The game's launch was smooth, the game itself is polished and stable, and there are small innovations and tweaks to the MMO formula that make playing LOTRO a pleasure.
With Turbine's long-standing MMORPG expertise powering proceedings and one of the most welcoming communities in gaming, LOTRO presents a stunning and evocative world of Tolkien magic to explore - if you're any kind of fan, it would seem pretty much an essential purchase. LOTRO seems destined to become the next big MMORPG contender and we've no hesitation in saying prepare to make your move to Middle-earth - we'll see you there.
games xtreme (May 20, 2007)
The game is a welcome entry into a crowded market and accomplishes a lot. Codemasters have a little gem on their hands here and it is a welcome departure from the previous MMOs that they have inflicted upon Europe. If you like MMOs and are getting bored of WoW then LOTRO is definitely worth a purchase. MMO virgins will find a place in the game as its familiar setting and friendly learning curve offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
GameSpy (May 04, 2007)
The Lord of the Rings Online had a difficult journey to make it to launch day. Never mind the impossible expectations of legions of Tolkien fans who probably know the lore better than Tolkien himself did, the game also had to be a fun MMO in its own right. That The Lord of the Rings Online could whether the storm of player expectations and its development troubles and still be a decent game is an achievement in itself. That it could go through all that and come out the other side as an exceptional entry into the genre is nothing short of miraculous. Oh, the game has some shakedown issues it needs to deal with -- particularly the economy -- but all told, The Lord of the Rings is off to a great start and its future looks boundless.
90 (UK) (Nov 15, 2010)
Standing on its own merits, the game comes as close to knocking on the door of a perfect 10 without quite making it as any other you'll play. It's opening night, and Turbine has prepared a table for you – tuck in.
Good Game (Jun 05, 2007)
Its up to you whether you think it’ll be worth ditching your lvl 70 Tauren Shaman. I’m agreeing with you about the nature of this game, Jung. Although the rewards are still individual, it’s a very PvE party focused game and it does it well. Its well supported, and has a good community. I’m giving it 9 chickens as well.
90 (Apr 26, 2007)
Das eingängige Kampfsystem sowie das übersichtliche Interface verschaffen zudem Anfängern eine ideale Startposition, Frustmomente sind daher praktisch auszuschließen. Wie spannend das Monsterplay-Feature wirklich ist, werden wir erst in einigen Wochen beurteilen können, wenn genug Spieler jenseits der Level 40-Marke an den PvP-Kämpfen teilnehmen. Für mich persönlich ist Der Herr der Ringe Online mit seinem Quest-basierten Gameplay definitiv deutlich attraktiver als die Monster-Metzel-Grinds der Konkurrenz.
Since its release 2 years ago World of Warcraft hasn’t had any decent competition. With Shadows of Angmar non-Blizzard MMOs finally have a champion that could topple the giant. Judging by the launch week Turbine are dedicated to make this game the best MMO ever. In fact, in a few weeks the first free expansion patch will be coming out, bringing countless improvements and an entire new chapter of quests (taking place in a new zone to boot!). And last but not least, the game actually allows you to play instruments. If that isn’t good enough for you, nothing ever will be.
1UP (May 15, 2007)
The Lord of the Rings Online won't change the way you play MMOs. And, for once, I won't complain -- because it's awesome. Sure, mechanically, it's pretty much a conglomeration of good ideas from other games, with no single element to really call its own...but all those disparate pieces combine perfectly. Combat's World of WarCraft-ish, with some Final Fantasy XI-style cooperative attacks thrown in. Character customization borrows that badge-hunting thing from City of Heroes, but actually does something fun with it.
90 PC Gaming (May 25, 2007)
All in all, LotRO is a fine product, unmarred by the bugs and glitches that gamers have come to associate with MMO launches. It’s a solid and even polished game, and while it’s quite possible the small world and limited scope of the quests won’t give it much staying power, the strength of Tolkien’s world should keep a steady stream of players coming in, to at least spend four months or so enjoying this version of Middle Earth. Then again, Turbine is famous for adding new content on a monthly basis, so the game might grow longer legs than it has now. In any event, a gamer won’t begrudge the monthly fee, at least until he’s seen quite a bit of what Turbine has to offer.
IGN Australia (May 21, 2007)
And now on to the problems of the game. Hmmm, funny thing is, at this early stage in the game, it's really hard to find any. The biggest issue some have is that it's not reinventing WoW's wheel. Bugger 'em, I say. LOTRO has taken all that's good about WoW, given it years of polish and lathered it all up in a back-story that I actually give a damn about. The review isn't over yet though - we'll be revisiting the review in three months to see if the quest to destroy the ring has the depth and breadth that MMO players demand.
Bit-Tech (May 11, 2007)
Lord of the Rings Online is an excellent game built on a detailed and imaginative world of background lore. Drawing inspiration from the novels, the quests are involving and detailed enough to make up for navigation problems. The interface is familiar and well designed, with a few useful tweaks for MMO veterans and a gentle learning curve that feels natural for beginners. What few problems we did have with the game were minor at best and the game drew us in so quickly that we forgot them by the time we finished playing anyway. Whether the game is strong enough to defeat the mighty World of Warcraft remains to be seen, and we are somewhat doubtful that it will. LotRO has a dedicated fanbase and is instantly recognisable as a franchise, but whether it'll attract players away from WoW is another matter altogether. But if there ever was an MMO that could snatch the MMORPG crown from Blizzard and claim it for itself, then this is it my precious; this is it.
GameDaily (Apr 25, 2007)
Stepping into the massively multiplayer online game The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar delivers a mind-blowing experience from the first moments of the game. Players start out in a special newbie area (without any other players), but the photorealistic scenery and engaging non-player characters bring J.R.R. Tolkien's written word to life. From the outset, players come with a few pre-set abilities, making even the first rush of combat more interesting than that found in other online games. All these factors, plus a near-perfect MMORPG experience, makes leaving the world of Middle-earth a challenge.
90 (UK) (Apr 24, 2007)
Of course, the big question which many of you will want to hear a view on is this; is it worth quitting WoW to play this? The answer to that is... Well, it depends. If you're deeply ensconced in an active WoW guild and enjoying the game, then LOTRO's improvements probably aren't significant enough to drag you away. However, there are many players for whom Azeroth (and Outland) are simply starting to feel tired, and we would whole-heartedly recommend that those players give Middle Earth a shot. What's more, it's absolutely no exaggeration to say that this is far and away the best game for anyone who hasn't played an MMOG before to cut their teeth on. Even more than the familiar universe, the excellent interface and gameplay design Turbine have crafted turn this into an experience which those who have previously avoided the lure of MMOs will find tough to resist.
PC Powerplay (May 30, 2007)
Herr der Ringe Online schafft, was bisher kaum einem MMo gelungen ist. Trotz der anderen Mitspieler bin ich Teil einer spannenden interaktiven Geschichte, die vor Details überkocht. Diese großartige Mischung aus Singleplayer-Atmospähre, wunderschöner Grafik und sozialem Teamspiel relativiert alle Schwächen. Natürlich hat Turbine das Rad nicht neu erfunden, dass wollten sie auch nie, und letztendlich wird die Zukunft zeigen, wie gut das Spiel wirklich ist und ob es sich langfristig halten kann. Wenn aber Moria, Rohan und Mordor genauso toll werden, Turbine ein ansprechendes Endgame liefert und die Lizenz weiterhin liebevoll behandelt, steht einem zweiten Schwergewicht auf dem engen Online-Rollenspielmarkt nichts entgegen.
Computer Bild Spiele (May 02, 2007)
Für Anfänger auf dem Gebiet der Online-Rollenspiele bedeutet der Herr der Ringe Online schon ein wenig Arbeit. Erfahrene Spieler werden problemlos zurechtkommen, da etwa 80 Prozent des Spiels sehr ähnlich wie Klassenprimus World of Warcraft funktionieren. Die Unterschiede sind eher im Detail zu suchen, wirken sich aber mächtig aus.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec 27, 2007)
(Checkup) Ich dachte anfangs, dass es schnell langweilig wird, wenn Turbine das Internet-Mittelerde auf ein so kleines Gebiet beschränkt. Doch weit gefehlt: Die Entwickler haben Eriador vorbildlich ausgebaut und mit intelligenten Neuerungen versehen. Dermaßen umfangreiche Patches verkaufen andere Hersteller als Addons. Dabei wirkt jedes Update wie aus einem Guss, erweitert die Spielwelt an den richtigen Stellen und feilt auch weiter an der Klassenbalance. Hoffentlich machen die Entwickler in dieser Qualität weiter - und schleifen auch die Kanten (Bugs, Installation) noch ab.
IGN (May 11, 2007)
Turbine's The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar doesn't breathe new life into the MMORPG genre, but it does deliver an easily accessible, refined, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. It's packed with content, though still a little light on end-game instances, offers some entertaining character classes and plenty of ways to customize traits to differing play styles. Powerful story elements, fellowship conjunction attacks, and superb audio-visual elements are merged with numerous small-scale interface enhancements that make it nearly impossible to dislike this one. This version of Middle-earth is as good a place as any for those curious about MMOs to start, and provides enough depth for genre veterans to enjoy themselves. Though we'll have to keep waiting for a truly new kind of MMO, we're glad this game arrived to keep us occupied in the meantime.
85 (Apr 21, 2007)
Ganz wichtig ist: Im Gegensatz zu Vanguard und anderen ist dieses Spiel tatsächlich fertig. Aber es hat leider nicht nur die guten Dinge von der Konkurrenz übernommen, sondern auch einige weniger gute; Stichwort: Handwerk. Grafisch und technisch ist es absolut auf der Höhe der Zeit, schlägt World of WarCraft dabei deutlich, selbst wenn die Stimmung bei den Kämpfen mit mehr Effekten auftrumpfen könnte. Und mit den Talenten gibt es eine interessante Neuerung bei der Charakterentwicklung – wenn da nicht der böse Grind lauern würde. Auch wenn HdRO den Spieler nicht auf die Hauptbühne des Ringkrieges lässt, springt der Funke sofort über und wird jeden Fan von Mittelerde schon nach wenigen Minuten in den Bann ziehen. Diesen atmosphärischen Pluspunkt haben viele andere Online-Rollenspiele nicht. Und wenn man daran denkt, wie oft große Namen in diesem Genre schon verheizt wurden (siehe Star Wars Galaxies), kann Herr Tolkien ruhig schlafen: Turbine hat seine Sache wirklich gut gemacht!
It’s impossible to talk about The Lord of the Rings Online without bringing up World of Warcraft, and not just because WoW is the 800-lb. gorilla in the room. Huge chunks of LOTRO’s design are culled entirely from the WoW playbook, but that’s generally for the best. WoW’s pre-endgame experience is the best of this style of gameplay to date, and LOTRO successfully emulates that within the universe detailed by Tolkien’s novels. If you’re looking for a brand new style of MMORPG with fresh ways of interacting with the world and your fellow players, do yourself a favor and ignore this title entirely. But those who want a new gameworld to explore within the proven framework of a traditional MMORPG should look no further.
GameStar (Germany) (May 30, 2007)
Herr der Ringe Online hat noch einige Macken: World of Warcraft ist bei der Bedienung einiger Dinge eine Spur besser, vom PvP-System eines Guild Wars ganz zu schweigen. Da ist für die angekündigten Addons noch Spielraum nach oben. Aber: Der Herr der Ringe Online ist für mich die erste Online-Rollenspielwelt, in die ich wirklich versinken und vollkommen abtauchen kann. Keine knallbunte Comicgrafik und kein ständiger Instanz-Wechsel reißen mich aus dieser stimmigen Welt heraus. Da mich zudem die abwechslungsreichen Quests stets bei Laune halten, bleibe ich gerne in Eriador. Und wenn es mal nichts mehr zu tun geben sollte, fange ich eben von vorne an, schließlich habe ich so manch tolle Aufgaben noch links liegen lassen müssen. Und dann kommen ja demnächst noch die Addons! Wer mich die nächsten Wochen sucht, weiß also, wo er mich findet.
YouGamers (Apr 30, 2007)
LOTRO is a fine MMO but the fairly limited play area and numerous small issues coupled with the unfinished economic balancing and beta-quality crafting can't be overlooked. The game will probably improve a lot over time, and can keep you entertained for a while even now, but World of Warcraft it ain't.
GamingTrend (Apr, 2007)
While some will decry it as a WoW-clone, there are enough differences in the game to allow it to stand on its own feet. And with preorder sales extremely high, it's likely that there will be a good number of players to join in Fellowships and Kinships with. The general tone of the players in the game is much more mature than some in other MMOs, which leads one to believe that many older gamers, as well as those who grew up on LOTR itself, but not MMOs, are taking notice of this title.
GameSpot (May 10, 2007)
All the nitpicks don't detract from The Lord of the Rings Online's greatest asset: It's fun to play. And it's not often you can make such an unequivocal statement about an MMOG. It is also incredibly stable, so playing is never a struggle, and you can put all your effort into killing monsters and bashing hobbits rather than fiddling with settings or relogging. With plenty of familiar landmarks as well as a few original to the game, it's got plenty of fan service without ever resting on the laurels of a famous franchise. If you're looking for a new online RPG, The Lord of the Rings Online is a great choice.
Een pas gelanceerde MMORPG is moeilijk te beoordelen, daar dit soort games onafgebroken in ontwikkeling blijft. De eerste indrukken van Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar zijn echter zeer positief. Het spel is erg stabiel en lijkt technisch meer dan in orde. Visueel en qua verhaal lijkt alles goed te passen in hetgeen we verwachten van de wereld van Tolkien. De mogelijkheid om als monster te spelen is origineel en zal voor veel spelers een leuke afwisseling vormen; zowel voor de helden - die nu intelligente monsters tegenover zich krijgen - als voor andere spelers die eens een gruwelijk wezen willen belichamen.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun, 2007)
LotRo is een leuke en knappe MMORPG, maar Tolkiens wereld komt niet altijd even overtuigend naar voor.
81 (Apr 28, 2007)
Eine wirklich faire Bewertung eines Onlinerollenspieles nach etwa zwei Wochen Testphase ist natürlich kaum möglich, von daher sei die nebenstehende Wertung auch mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Derzeit macht die Reise durch Mittelerde auf jeden Fall schon viel Spaß, erreicht das Niveau von Blizzards Meisterwerk aber fast nie, einzig bei der Storyerzählung kann das Spiel dank offizieller Herr der Ringe-Lizenz groß punkten. Letztlich bleibt es Geschmackssache, welcher Onlinewelt man sich anschließt, Zeit und Geld für beide Welten dürften wohl nur die wenigsten Zocker haben. Ich werde jedenfalls weiter World of Warcraft treu bleiben und abwarten, wie sich Mittelerde mit kommenden Inhaltsupdates verändert. Viel verkehrt macht man mit Der Herr der Ringe Online aber sicherlich nicht, vor allem Fans der Bücher und WoW-Zocker, die in Azeroth jeden Stein persönlich kennen, dürfen vorbehaltlos in die neuen Abenteuer in Mittelerde einsteigen. Frodo braucht euch schließlich!
Computer Games France (Apr 29, 2007)
En bref, ce LOTRO est le meilleur RPG, le meilleur MMO et le meilleur jeu à licence SDA auquel on peut avoir joué dans sa vie de joueur. Si, il y a bien les vieux jeux de rôle du Seigneur des Anneaux sur les anciennes consoles, et aussi le jeu de rôle sur table... Mais là, on atteint quand même le hit non espéré par la plupart des grandes gens. Et arrêtez de comparer le SDA à Warcraft, c'est comme comparer Blanche Neige avec Rambo.
Gaming since 198x (May 15, 2008)
Oh joie, The Lord of the Rings Online : Shadows of Angmar a su exploiter correctement sa license. Sans réinventer le genre, les améliorations du gameplay "à la WoW" sont suffisantes pour maintenir son identité propre. Cerise sur le pain de nain, vous aurez le plaisir de vous balader quasi-librement dans la meilleure simulation d'Eriador qui soit. Fidélité des lieux, quête principale bien ficelée, perte de temps assurée à travers les pièges classiques des MMO. Le PVP est cantonné bien à part et ne risque pas de pourrir l'intégralité du contenu solo. Le mot "RPG" est toujours une bonne blague, mais on s'en rapproche, c'est bien.
Sagan om Ringen i en digital tolkning Tolkien skulle ha gillat. Tack vare en tydlig kärlek till förlagan lyckas Lord of the Rings Online fylla ett syfte i skuggan av World of Warcraft.
FZ (May 14, 2007)
Det hindrar mig dock inte från att säga att Lord of the Rings Online är ett säkert köp om du gillar bra MMO-spel och Tolkiens berättelse. Utvecklarna Turbine har lyckats väldigt bra med att återberätta den. Tro mig, det här är ett bra spel, med vissa sämre moment i karaktärsdesign och ljud - dock inte tillräckligt för att göra titeln dålig. Lord of The Rings Online är ett alldeles utmärkt spel, det är bara det att det inte sliter en Blizzard-fangirl från Azeroth. I alla fall inte mig.
75 (Apr 24, 2007)
Le Seigneur Des Anneaux Online : Les Ombres D'Angmar est un MMORPG sympathique. Pas ultime certes, à cause de certaines zones vides, du manque global de races et de classes et de l'absence de certaines options qui auraient grandement facilité la vie du joueur, mais globalement on passe tout de même de bons moments en Terre du Milieu, et à ce titre, on peut donc conseiller le soft.
Game Revolution (Apr 27, 2007)
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar is the solid new MMORPG from Turbine that blends the lore of Middle Earth (Third Age, nerds) with mostly familiar MMORPG conventions. But before you don a cloak and head down to your local video game retailer, know this: Lord of the Rings Online isn’t good because it accurately and carefully portrays places and heroes from the books and movies. It’s just a good game.
Factornews (May 23, 2007)
En quelques mots, Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online : les ombres d'Angmar est un très bon MMO. Que les fans des Terres du Milieu se rassurent, le jeu est bien plus fidèle à l’esprit de Tolkien qu’aux avares studios de cinéma et ce n’est pas une production hollywoodienne. Turbine a réussi à faire un hybride de Vanguard (jeu « réaliste » et très difficile) et de World of Warcraft (jeu « cartoon » et facile, si ce n’est pour les donjons que 99.9% des lecteurs de Factor ne verront jamais donc restez tranquilles dans les commentaires bande de noobs sinon ça va fumer) tant au niveau du concept que de l’apparence. En un mot comme en cent, si vous êtes allergique à World of Warcraft et que vous cherchez un MMO, essayez sérieusement LotRO.
I wanted to like LOTRO. After the initial shock of how similar the game is to WoW wore off, I found myself enjoying the epic storyline quests and the simple gameplay. Many small and positive design decisions are present, including the Class design, which is innovative, even while being trapped in the classic MMO mold. Soon, however, I could stomach no more repetitive fights, and tried my hand at crafting. Again disappointed with the results, I connected with some friends and continued the adventure to level 20. Then, as I got my next “Kill 10 Wolves” quest, I decided I’d had enough. Other journalists have labeled LOTRO “the best MMO since WoW.” I agree. This game is basically WoW 1.5. The source material is better and more serious, of course, which is a welcome change of pace from the scrambled omelet which is the Warcraft universe. However, game companies must innovate much more than Turbine has with LOTRO. Oh, and J.R.R. isn’t rolling in his grave, he’s just bored.
Gamezine (Jun 21, 2007)
Bien que l’ambiance soit plutôt soignée, ce qui l’une de ses rares qualités, voici un jeu à la ramasse techniquement. Amusant au départ, ne vous fiez pas aux apparences et ne commettez pas l’erreur de vous le procurer.