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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (Windows)

ESRB Rating
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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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PC Games (Germany)
Sie sehen schon: In Die Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 geht gewaltig die Schlachtpost ab. Auch wenn der Film-Atmosphärenbonus aus dem letzten Jahr verflogen ist, das neue Spiel zu Tolkiens Fantasy-Welt macht einfach von vorn bis hinten Spaß. Gut, die Kampagnen hätten etwas länger ausfallen können, dafür sind aber alle 16 Missionen schön designt und geskriptet. Mehr zu tun gibt es im neuen, rundenbasierten Ringkriegmodus, bei dem Sie immer wieder neue Siegbedingungen und Spielregeln einstellen können - das sorgt für Dauermotivation. Als Vorbereitung für die Mehrspielergefechte dient der überarbeitete Skirmish-Modus. Toll: Auch Höhepunkt-Schlachten des Vorgängers wie Helms Klamm und Minas Tirith sind enthalten.
Christ Centered Game Reviews
No bad language. Violence, but in the demo, all you are killing are fantasy creatures, though humans will be in the full game. There is some magic, but it is just generic fantasy magic, nothing occultic. This is a great RTS, and I recommend it to everyone. It blows Empire at War out of the Water.
PC Powerplay
Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 bietet alles, was ich mir von einem Strategiespiel wünsche: spannende Kampagnen, abwechslungsreiche Missionen, vielfältige Helden, Völker, Truppentypen und Spezialfähigkeiten. Außerdem mag ich es, wenn mir ein Spiel nicht bestimmte Taktiken aufzwingt, sondern vielfältige Vorgehensweisen unterstützt - und das ist hier der Fall. Wie im Vorgänger stört gelegentlich die suboptimale Wegfindung meiner Truppen. Hier hilft der Plaungsmodus, mit dem ich meine Truppenbewegung samt Formationen festlegen kann. Apropos Formationen: Die sehen zwar vor dem Gefecht super aus, im Durcheinander auf dem Schlachtfeld ist von der ursprünglichen Ordnung aber kaum noch etwas zu sehen.
PC Action
Die Spielwelt Mittelerdes lebt richtig auf: Geniale Sounds, die man aus der Filmtrilogie kennt, hervorragende Musik von Howard Shore, eine Atmosphäre, so dicht wie ich an jedem zweiten Wochenende. Optisch überzeugen mich die neu gestalteten Karten. Auch wenn mir klar ist, dass höhere Polygonzahlen bei den Figuren zu Lasten der Leistung gingen, die grob wirkenden Einheiten gefallen mir nicht so recht. Egal, spielerisch rockt das neue Mittelerde umso mehr, vor allem der Ringkrieg-Modus ist eine feine Sache. Damit verbringe ich mit Sicherheit etliche Wochen. Auch die vielen kleinen Einstellschräubchen im Mehrspieler-Modus bedeuten für mich mehr Abwechslung im Spiel.
GamePro (US)
Battle II's single-player campaigns deviate from the originals' "Risk-style" dynamic map conquest mode that has become popular among RTS and team-based shooter games. The campaigns offer good and evil storylines, each with 8 linear missions. This storyline chronicles the never-before-seen battles in the north, where the Dwarves and Elves struggle for survival against Sauron's Goblins. The single-player game's focus shifts to these three new factions, and also introduces several locations, including Celduin, Erebor and even the Shire.
There was no faulting Battle for Middle-earth for use of franchise. Out of all of the Middle-earth inspired games I've seen come out over the last few years, it captured the grandeur and epic conflict that the books and histories so eloquently detail. In this respect Battle for Middle-earth II only adds to the fun by shifting the focus to an entirely different part of the War of the Ring that fans might not even be aware of.
This game is one of my new all-time favorite RTS games. I playedEmpire at War and still feel that this one takes the cake in terms ofrecent RTS releases. There are a bunch of modes to choose from and youwill find yourself losing track of time for a while when playing thisgame. For fans of the stories, you will learn about other underlyingstory line from the Lord of the Rings books that a lot of people neverknow about from watching the movies only. And nothing matches the sightof seeing legions upon legions fighting each other in a battlefield andtrying to keep your wits and make sure your side comes out alive. Andlet us all give thanks that a developer seemed to finally listen to therequests of their customers and incorporate requested features and fixformer issues, it’s not often that you see that (especially with a bigtime developer like EA). With all the added features and new storylines, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 is without a doubt a must have.
Gameplay (Benelux)
Zeer knappe opvolger die tegemoet komt aan de grieven die het vorige spel opwekte, doch jammer genoeg nog niet perfect is.
Nu vă așteptați la o experiență tactică de nivelul seriei Total War. Dacă ar fi fost așa, mi l-ar fi smuls Mareșalu' Ghinea din mâini. Eu, însă, sunt un RTS-ist de duminică și n-am nevoie de provocări imposibile care să-mi strice sâmbetele, ci mai mult de „distraxie”. Și Battle for Middle-earth II o oferă din plin.
Game Informer Magazine
Desperately trying to bring your archers to bear before a marauding fellbeast decimates your infantry corps is an incredible thrill. And crushing the hobbits under the boots of literally hundreds of troops even makes up for the pillow fight at the end of The Return of the King. The Battle for Middle-earth II delivers these moments one after another, and doesn't ever seem to run out of ways to make your hair stand on end with sheer awesomeness. For all its flaws, this is one of the best licensed games to ever hit shelves, and easily worth the price tag unless a bit of loose gameplay here and there is a dealbreaker for you.
When we look back in 10 years, BFME2 will likely be viewed as a great, if not exemplary, strategic foray into Tolkien's world. It's been a long, strange trip from Mike Singleton's late 1980s EGA efforts to the Jackson films and these tie-ins, but it's great that EA listened carefully to its fan base and did its best, for better or worse (but mostly for better), with the sequel. It's hard not to say something dull like "fans can't afford to miss it," but, you know, it's possibly the first time anyone's been able to say that about any Middle-earth game. Ever.
Gameguru Mania
Overall, I think The Battle for Middle-earth II is a great game. The good and The Evil campaigns are not really long, but the War Of The Ring game mode will surely add hours of fun with the game. Once you are tired of the single player part of the game, you can start playing online for countless hours of entertainment. The community base is big enough to keep you busy for a while. I'd recommend the game. Worth the time and the money.
On the whole, any self-respecting Lord of the Rings fan should buy this game, despite the quirks that can be found in the plot itself. Of course, if you are a hardcore Tolkien enthusiast and if you're that picky about the narrative, Battle for Middle-earth 2 may not suit your taste. You should be aware though, that the atmosphere in this game sets an example for other real-time strategies. Many of you may acknowledge that the scale of battles cannot be compared to the likes of games such as Rome: Total War. Still, visually, this game has no flaws. The development team has clearly set certain standards in contemporary animation, design, as well as 2D and 3D art (bearing in mind that most unit models and locations are essentially based on movie concept art from the crew at Weta). The single-player campaigns are appealing. Although you won't encounter anything out of the ordinary in terms of gameplay, it's still a fun ride.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
The Battle for Middle-earth II is zeker en vast een verbeterde uitgave ten opzichte van de vorige. Maar, gezien de hype waren de verwachtingen hoog gespannen. Mogelijk daarom voelt het alsof we hier en daar nog wat op onze honger blijven zitten, maar laat dit je vooral niet weerhouden om je opnieuw te laten onderdompelen in de boeiende wereld van Tolkien.
The Battle for Middle-earth II is certainly a better version of 2004's great strategy game. With that said, for all the things it does new or differently than before, some aspects feel a bit undercooked. Still, this is probably the best Lord of the Rings RTS available, and by encompassing the whole of Tolkien's mythology, it really lets you battle for all of Middle-earth this time around.
Game Informer Magazine
As much as the pathfinding or ally AI let me down, this game gives you all the tools to make you feel like you're really participating in the important battles of Middle-earth - whether that's fortifying against counter-attacking goblin hordes with garrisoned fire archers or calling upon a wide range of readily available magic spells. That Tom Bombadil guy sure is a strange chap, but he saved my butt more than once.
Still, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II has turned out to be a decent sequel to a superb original. The game has amazing graphics and largely maintains the solid gameplay of the original. It's unfortunate the changes weren't always for the best. The armies have become larger at the cost of some strategic depth. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of real-time strategy or if you liked the previous game, BfME 2 is a choice to be considered.
GameStar (Germany)
Die Grafik hat mich völlig umgehauen. Ich habe in meinem Testerleben noch kein Spiel gesehen, das so wunderschön animiert war. Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 strotzt nur so vor witzigen Details wie dem faulenzenden Minengoblin, der eine Kopfnuss von seinem Boss kriegt. Ich habe Stunden damit verbracht, das Schlachtfeld nach solchen Nettigkeiten abzusuchen. Dafür habe ich die durchschnittliche Kampagne und den lauen Strategiemodus ratzfatz durchgespielt. Wie kann man die todsichere Tolkien-Lizenz derart verschenken? Die Story hätte ein Akkordautor aus der Heftromanliga besser hingekriegt.
Was für eine prächtige Kulisse! Ich dachte, den Aquariumeffekt gäbe es nur bei friedlichen Siedlern, aber ich könnte mir stundenlang diese rudernden Trolle oder Felsen werfenden Riesen anschauen. EA hat noch mal all die Jackson'schen Geister beschworen, die Fantasy-Fans zu Hunderttausenden in die Kinos trieb: Freut euch auf Arwens Flut mit galoppierenden weißen Hengsten oder die Peitsche des schwelenden Balrogs. Aber obwohl diese zweite Schlacht um Mittelerde optisch alle Register zieht und sogar mit neuen Völker, Zaubern, Bauprinzipien und Spielmodi auftrumpft, sinkt die heiße Begeisterung der ersten Stunden bald auf ein kühleres, wenn auch immer noch gutes Niveau. Denn statt ein Epos im Stile Tolkiens gibt's in der Kampagne bloß Fastfood - sie ist zu kurz und bietet kaum dramatische Würze.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
Nevertheless, Battle For Middle Earth 2 is going to trip up and find itself crushed under a catapulted eight. I award that numeral grudgingly, because there's really nothing here that truly deserves great reward. But I had legions of fun. And, for this game at least, that counts for, oooh, pretty much everything.
Whilst The Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle-Earth II does not provide much in the way of a drastic improvement over its predecessor, it is nevertheless a more than competent and enjoyable real-time strategy experience. If your idea of videogame serenity is taking control of some of the most famous characters from the equally famous fictional trilogy and a bit of fighting to boot, then you can't go far wrong. The mission mode is a disappointment, but The War of the Rings mode and the limitlessness of online play should see you fit until EA decide upon releasing the next The Lord of the Rings sequel, probably something they've made up themselves and fobbed off as the real thing. 'Found it buried next to Tolkien, we did. It's all true, honestly.'
Sicher, auch die Schlacht um Mittelerde 2 bietet eher seichte Filmlizenz-Schlachten, als anspruchsvolles, strategisches Gameplay, hat gegenüber dem platten Vorgänger aber meines Erachtens deutlich zugelegt. Dass die neue Storyline nicht an die Filme heranreicht, kann ich verschmerzen, dafür darf ich endlich frei bauen und deutlich mehr Truppen in den Kampf schicken – die Spielmechanik stimmt. Wenn nur noch der Strategiepart besser gelungen wäre, hätte das Spiel eine Award verdient gehabt. So aber bleibt ein gelungener, optisch imposanter Strategie-Titel für alle Tolkien-Fans und Anhänger des Vorgängers. Hardcore-Strategen dürfen den einen Ring aber durchaus meiden.
Joystick (French)
Malgré tous les efforts déployés depuis le premier opus de la série, Electronic Arts n'arrive pas à nous pondre un STR idéal. Le déséquilibre des unités et les héros surpuissants empêchent pour l'instant le gameplay d'être au niveau de Dawn of War, par exemple. En revanche, question fun et spectacle, vous allez en prendre plein la vue. Un jeu à acheter en deux exemplaires, un pour s'amuser, l'autre à brûler sur l'autel du Dieu Patch.
Ciężko mi ocenić Bitwę o Śródziemie 2. Z jednej strony jest to tytuł niedopracowany, a w stosunku do poprzedniej części wręcz uwsteczniony – z drugiej natomiast solidny RTS, który świetnie sprawuje się w Sieci. Odstraszać może trochę cena, jeżeli chcemy mieć podstawę wraz z dodatkiem (a naprawdę warto zaopatrzyć się w taki właśnie zestaw), to musimy wysupłać na wszystko około 200 zł. Przypominam, iż jest to gra na PC, a nie na żadną z konsolę – gdzie taka cena mogłaby nie dziwić. Jeżeli jesteś fanem RTS-ów, a pierwszą część już przeszedłeś, sięgnij po Bitwę o Śródziemie 2. Nie zawiedziesz się, chociaż tak jak mnie, może Ci się wydać ona trochę gorsza od poprzedniczki. Jeżeli natomiast nie miałeś jeszcze styczności z Litrowymi RTS-ami, to najpierw sięgnij po część pierwszą.
UOL Jogos
É impossível ficar indiferente às batalhas com centenas e mais centenas de unidades, prestando atenção às animações apuradas, como quando o enorme troll apanha um rochedo e brinca de boliche atirando-o contra um grupo de arqueiros, por exemplo. É esse tipo de ação cinematográfica que, a exemplo do antecessor, "Battle for Middle-Earth II" consegue oferecer como nenhum outro, ainda que a estratégia, às vezes, fique em um nível bastante superficial.
Après un premier volet de Bataille pour la Terre du Milieu qui a su séduire le grand public, EA nous propose un titre qui pourra aussi convaincre les joueurs un peu plus aguerris qui apprécient un tant soit peu l'oeuvre de Tolkien. S'éloignant du scénario des films, l'aventure proposée est plaisante et elle est complétée par un mode "Guerre de l'Anneau" bien sympathique et par un multijoueur qui, sans être révolutionnaire, boostera encore un peu la durée de vie déjà bonne du jeu.
Le premier épisode de Bataille pour la Terre du milieu avait connu un véritable succès lors de sa sortie, avec des graphismes somptueux et une ambiance qui collait parfaitement à l’esprit du film de Peter Jackson. On pouvait seulement lui reprocher sa campagne sans saveur et son nombre peu élévé d'unité. Deux ans plus tard, Electronic Arts remet le couvert, avec un deuxième épisode qui a su se faire attendre grâce à une communication omniprésente (pour ne pas dire un matraquage), basée sur la diffusion massive de dizaines de trailers. Aujourd’hui, tout le monde a vu les images alléchantes du jeu : il ne reste donc plus qu’à savoir ce que vaut réellement ce second épisode des batailles de la Terre du Milieu.
Yahoo! Games
Bringing the visions of both Tolkien and Peter Jackson to life better than any other Lord of the Rings-licensed game to date, Battle for Middle Earth 2 is both a joy to look at and a clear step forward from its predecessor, thanks to some intelligent design choices. Sadly, the challenge level of its single-player side is more Simon Says than Sauron, but there's still much to like in this real-time strategy sequel.
Gameslave UK
Overall Battle for Middle Earth 2 is a solid and fun RTS game. However if you want realism and a game that requires you to read Sun Tzu's the Art of War then I recommend you go and buy Rome total war. Battle for Middle Earth II has lots of play time and therefore value. It also includes a Risk style game where you have to control all the parts of Middle-Earth, sadly this doesn't quite live up to the campaign levels.
Game Revolution
Once again, the game takes place during the events portrayed in the trilogy. Sauron is mustering his forces, the good guys are mustering their wits, and Frodo has to get that damn ring into that cursed mountain. None of this should be new to anyone with a pulse. There are, however, a slew of new features in this sequel.
Overall, The Battle for Middle-earth II is a competent and enjoyable RTS game. There's nothing really unique or ground-breaking here, and veteran RTS players will find it easy, but if you're a The Lord of the Rings fan just looking to smash stuff, you'll get some enjoyment out of it.
Comme souvent, EA se contente de nous livrer ici un jeu bien propret, ne prends pas de risque, voire fait de grossières erreurs de confort d’utilisation en ce qui concerne la gestion des unités. Heureusement pour eux, le jeu est bien servi par une licence éprouvé. Si vous avez aimé le premier, la suite vous contentera. Si vous êtes un joueur invétéré de RTS, passez votre chemin.