The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Farin the Dwarf arrives in Rivendell.
Accomplishing quests for Lady Arwen.
Nice dragon...
A lot of talking in the game
Somewhere in the Middle Earth
Fighting the forces of evil
Meeting Aragorn
Talking to Gandalf
In Rivendell
Frodo just like in the movie
Finishing off a troll
Choices during a dialog
All three of our heroes
Another troll dies
New armor and mace
Final blow!
Level up
It's getting colder
And warmer again
Orc loses its hand
World map
Evil ghost
Renegade giant
Bugs in game are common
Boss fight
Cut-scene with Beleram
Yet another boss
Enemy's jail
Enemy's stronghold
Main boss to kill