Lords of Magic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

From the intro movie - Lord Balkoth is the game's Big Bad Guy.
From the intro movie - As Balkoth is a necromancer, his troops are often undead.
Splash screen
Main Menu
Multiplayer options
Map editor
A little background
You can pick one of three leader types -- Warrior, Mage or Thief -- to lead your Faction.
Choose one of 8 different factions - Law, Chaos, Life, Death, Air, Fire, Earth, or Water. However, Death isn't a playable Faction until you've played at least one full game and defeated Balkoth.
The Lord of your people, based on your Leader and Faction choices.
Beginning the game.
Game options.
The balance sheet for your kingdom.
The windy, blustery domain of Air.
The Air Warrior Lord...
...and his sword, Stormbreaker.
The capital city of the domain of Fire.
A Chaos sorceror's tower.
Where the creatures of Earth train their scouts and spies.
The barracks of Order.
Checking out a mysterious cave.
The start of the battle screen. While overland movement in Lords of Magic is turn-based, combat is real time.
The battle is joined.
I defeated a dog! Go me!
A peek into one of your four spellbooks.
A Storm Giant Mage hard at work researching spells.