The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu of the game
Nigel, our hero, on the right
The town of Saxton
One of the streets of Saxton
Outside the museum of Saxton
A cat sitting peacefully by the fireplace.
This scene demonstrates very interesting use of colours in the game.
Northfield Church
A church stands on the clifftops overlooking the sea
A rat in a trap...
An abandoned building haunts the rocks
Bob Tawney's Workshop
Inside Bob Tawney's Workshop
Capture ghostly activity with the envirometer
Celtic Corner
Exploring the Karswell's bedroom
Harbour cottage, your home in Saxton
Intro Sequence
Is anybody there?
the Karswell House
May Day
Nanny Noah's Living room
Raven Lane
Searching the church for ghostly activity
Sinister implements hang above the fireplace
Someone has been watching you
Someone left these scissors in your bed
Someone's precious pet has been butchered
Suit of armour
The Agers
The Agers are in the house...
The bridge leading out of town
The doll's eyes open as you pass!
The fields around Saxton
The Lighthouse
This photograph reveals a spooky door, not seen with the naked eye
These missing cat posters are everywhere
During the course of the game you will build up quite a portfolio of spooky photographs
You recieve a threatening letter
Your ghost hunting equipment