Written by  :  StorytellerShannon (19)
Written on  :  Sep 09, 2012
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars4.67 Stars

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The Good

See below.

The Bad

See below.

The Bottom Line

This is a fun point and click adventure game which is a nice break from FPS (First Person Shooters). Most of the scenes are puzzle related as the story progresses and speaking of which the setting is 1936 from Hong Kong to Tibet and then on to several other exotic places. Third Reich soldiers are seeking occult items in their future war against the world and as you can guess it's up to the main character and his allies to stop them.

The tale in itself focuses upon one Fenton Paddock (rogue much?) who was dishonorably charged from the British Army and you get the idea he took the fall for somebody. He's your typical British “do gooder” with dry wit and a self-deprecating nature. His allies come and go but mostly stay with Kim, who is his love interest and the daughter of Fenton's mentor friend. Sometimes you will get to play Kim and Fenton at the same time. You will also get various scene cuts when you complete missions or when the story needs to jump to other characters, including those of the Third Reich.

Note that a good deal of the puzzles are related to combining items or elements in your surroundings. If you get stuck the answers are online.

They evoked the era very well. There's music from the 1930s and the clothing and buildings felt authentic. Hardcore historians may take issue.

SOUND/MUSIC: B plus to A minus; STORY/PLOTTING: A minus; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B plus; GRAPHICS: B to B plus; GAMEPLAY: A minus; OVERALL GRADE: B plus to A minus.