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    Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle

    Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle takes you on an epic seafaring adventure! When Rachel Broadview finds the name of her great-grandmother in a book about shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle, she makes it her life mission to find out exactly what happened and uncover the secrets lost there. Comb the beach, scour the sea, and use your sleuthing skills on shipwrecks.
    • Epic adventure
    • Great new mini-games
    • Enchanting storyline
    • Get help at our Forums

    Contributed by jaXen (100478) on Jul 29, 2011.

Back of Keep Case - Windows/MAC (US):


    For hundreds of years ships, planes, and people have been disappearing in an area of the Atlantic that bas become known as the Bermuda Triangle. Our Story begins when a librarian discovers that she has a relative who went missing as apart of a famous wreck in the mysterious seas of the Atlantic. As she sets out on her search for her ancestor, she hires a salvage captain who is familiar with the area. Throughout her journey she must sort out fact from fiction as the modern day Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle are happy to help her along the way!

    • Use clues to decipher fact and fiction!
    • 100s or hidden objects throughout each level!
    • Examine shipwrecks, plane crashes, salvage yards, and more!
    • Put the pieces together during mini-games to solve the mystery!
    • Use tools to help find the most difficult objects!
    • 28 levels plus 8 minigame missions!

    Contributed by PolloDiablo (16907) on Jun 09, 2009.