Love Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu after activating the voucher code
The game world is being downloaded.
Opening screen with an on-screen tutorial
The vegetation surrounding my settlement is lush
I cannot interact here because it is to far away from the settlement to build.
Observing a quiet valley
I am targeted inside an enemy settlement. Notice how the border turns red.
At night, with some glowing elements in the distance
At dawn
These are power sources that can be linked.
Following the power into a settlement
Explosions in all directions
An enemy, he hasn't noticed me yet.
It looks like a party.
Shooting two enemies at once
Water is deadly until you obtain the diving ability.
When a tribe loses it settlement, they start rebuilding it elsewhere. Such events are announced through in-game signs.
Looking for additional tokens
Keep an eye on the coordinates to remember the locations
This tribe has shut off most entrances using force fields. Find a way to deactivate them.