Written by  :  Kurt Sample (1044)
Written on  :  Nov 27, 2001

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One of the three parts of this game is a lot of fun.

The Good

The Second of the three acts of this game is a management simulation of an adult-film studio that is surprisingly well put together and fun to play. I should point out that this game itself isn't porn - definitely 'R' rated, but closer to Boogie Nights than XXX. There are numerous jobs that need filled and tasks to be performed to make films that sell enough copies to get on the video store's top ten list.

The Bad

The first act involves making money by photographing your aspiring adult actress Lula in a hotel room. It gets repetitive quickly, although it shines head and shoulders above the third act. The third act challenges you to build a chain of sex stores in various American cities. It's a neat concept, but frustratingly incomplete and mind-numbingly boring and repetitive.

The Bottom Line

Worth a look if you're in the mood for a game with Leisure Suit Larry sensibilities and economic sim gameplay.